VIDEO: Patriotic American Birth, F*** YEAH!

VIDEO: Patriotic American Birth

A famous pair of nesting bald eagles living in Southern California have laid two eggs. The hatching of the symbol of American freedom was captured on video on March 18.

WGN9 reports: “Mother eagle Jackie and father Shadow have been incubating their eggs near the mountain community of Big Bear east of Los Angeles for the past few weeks. High up in the mountains above Big Bear Lake, the group Friends of Big Bear Valley, set up a live camera to watch the hatching live.”

“We have a pip! Hatching in progress!!” the Friends of Big Bear Valley announced on Facebook.

In an update posted last week, the Friends of Big Bear Valley wrote that the pair incubated both eggs “through wind, sleet, snow and whatever else nature throws their way.”

According to nest footage, three total eggs have been destroyed this season, including one that was cracked by ravens that flew into the nest while Jackie and Shadow were away.

In 2020, two eggs were laid but neither hatched. In 2019, two chicklets were born, Simba and Cookie. Cookie died from hypothermia after a late snow storm in May, but Simba “fledged successfully in July and left the nest in August,” according to WGN9.

The nest egg camera was installed in the fall of 2015.

The live video of the nest can be seen here:

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