VIDEO: Jim Jordan Brings The Roof Down At Congress Hearing

VIDEO: Jim Jordan Brings The Roof Down At Congress Hearing

In a video clip shared on Twitter on April 14, Republican Congressman Jim Jordan went off on Democrats about the crisis at the southern border during a fiery speech on the floor of Congress.

“We’ve got chaos at the border, and the Democrats’ response is to send in the lawyers and create more chaos,” Jordan began.

“Last week on our trip to the border, as we talked about on the last bill, border agents told us ⁠— every single border agent we talked to told us ⁠— that they had 272,000 encounters in two months alone. March was the busiest month in the history ⁠— in the history of border patrol,” the congressman added.

“In one pod of the Donna holding facility,” Jordan continued, referring to a holding facility for illegal immigrants in Donna, Texas, “there were supposed to be 33 children in that pod. There were 527.”

The congressman went on to talk about the reason behind the surge at the border: Joe Biden‘s policies.

“We know how serious this is. Every single agent we spoke to said this is all caused by ⁠— as we talked about in the last bill ⁠— all caused by the Biden administration’s decision to end the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy. We heard the same thing from ranchers, farmers, county sheriffs, everyone. Everyone said that policy change created this hassle,” Jordan said.

“Now we have a bill in front of us that says ‘let’s create more, let’s make sure everybody gets a lawyer, and let’s have the taxpayers pay for it.’ Taxpayers are paying for illegal migrants to stay in hotels, taxpayers are paying for in-person schooling for migrants in San Diego when American kids have to learn online, and now Democrats want taxpayers to pay for lawyers for parolees, asylees, and on and on it goes, all while we have ⁠— all while we have the biggest surge we’ve ever seen on the border,” Jordan continued.

At this moment in Jordan’s speech, Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler decided to interrupt, asking Jordan to yield some time.

“Will the gentleman yield?” asked Nadler.

“Yeah, I’d be happy to yield,” Jordan responded.

“Just one thing. The bill specifically provides that taxpayers do not pay for the lawyers. It allows people to get lawyers, but it’s at their expense,” Nadler claimed.

“We all know how that’s gonna work out Mr. Chairman, we all know how that’s gonna work out. We have a crisis on the border. We need, as I said a little earlier, we need the secretary in front of this committee to answer the questions. I hope that the chairman is working — the majority is working — to get Secretary Mayorkas in front of the committee to answer our questions and to have a hearing where we can actually have the give and take that you’re supposed to have when you have chaos and crisis like we all know exists on our southern border,” Jordan concluded.

A video of the speech was shared by Representative Jordan on his official Twitter account:

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