Tragic Death of Local Deputy Caused By Joe Biden’s Negligent Leadership

Tragic Death of Local Deputy Caused By Joe Biden's Negligent Leadership

Joe Biden’s leadership since taking office has been poor, and evidence of the tragic results of his negligence has been adding up.

Biden’s Poor Leadership

Biden promised that his administration would do a better job of fighting COVID than the previous administration, but there is no evidence that he has even attempted to fulfill this promise. His administration is allowing illegal immigrants with COVID to be transported from the border to the interior of the country, and is doing a poor job of implementing COVID vaccine plans that were laid out by the Trump administration. Under Trump, the media blamed every single COVID death on the president, and it is only fair that the same standard be applied to Joe Biden.

Another COVID Death

The tragic news that Deputy Brandon Gore of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina passed away from the coronavirus was announced on April 3.

Deputy Gore, who served with the Animal Protective Services division, was diagnosed with the coronavirus in early March, and was later hospitalized. His death was announced by the sheriff’s office in a Facebook post on the morning of April 3. The post read:

“We are saddened to share, our friend and co-worker, Deputy Brandon Gore, has lost his courageous battle with COVID.

We are heartbroken. Deputy Gore was a kind and gentle soul, which made him a perfect fit to care for the animals at BCSO Animal Protective Services. He was always willing to help anyone in need, both at work and in his personal life. He had a genuinely cheerful heart and always greeted everyone with a smile. He will be terribly missed by all of us at the Sheriff’s Office, especially by those with whom he was especially close, and those he worked with every day at the animal shelter.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his parents and family.

Rest easy our dear brother and friend; we’ll take it from here.”

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