Top Liberals Reporter Being OUSTED… Trump Will LOVE This

Cable news networks are finally realizing that pushing a narrative and reporting the news are two different things.

Some notable names are starting to fall in cable news.

CNN has already started the purge, and now it seems like NBC is about to follow suit.

Time to Go

Chuck Todd has been atrocious over the last six years.

He is one of many “journalists” that chose to become an arm of the Democrat Party rather than report the news.

That is a big no-no when you are supposed to be an anchor and a host on the hotly contested Sunday morning circuit.

Todd’s ratings have crashed, apparently beyond repair.

For that reason, NBC is reportedly now looking at ousting Todd.

“Meet the Press” was recently taken over by a new producer, and Todd’s name is at the top of the chopping block.

An unnamed staffer on the show stated, “At what point does anyone have the balls to say ‘Maybe the problem is the face of it?'”

That is a fair question when viewership is down by more than 20 percent.

Kristen Welker, a longtime White House correspondent, is reportedly at the top of the list to take over for Todd.

Source: New York Post

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