Prominent Journalist Abducted and Murdered…


Yet another journalist has been attacked and murdered.

Martinez Zogo, a prominent Cameroonian journalist, had been abducted last week.

This weekend, his body was found, dead and badly mutilated.

No Free Speech

There is no such thing as protected free speech in Africa.

Our journalists have no idea how good they have it, yet they continue to abuse this amazing right that they have.

The death of Zogo was reported by Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

Zogo seemed to know that he was in danger, trying to escape his abductors by running into a police station, but he never made it inside.

Cameroon’s journalists’ trade union stated, “Cameroonian media has just lost one of its members, a victim of hatred and barbarism.

“Where is the freedom of the press, freedom of opinion and freedom of expression in Cameroon when working in the media now entails a mortal risk?”

This is the third high-profile case of a journalist being attacked and/or killed in the last few years.

As I mentioned above, it would be nice if our journalists would realize the power they have and report truthfully rather than continue to try to dictate narratives.

Source: New York Post

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