They Just Called Herschel Walker the ‘N’ Word

Herschel Walker
Photo via Twitter Video Screenshot

I just listened to one of the most disgusting rants I have ever heard on TV.

It came from the mouth of Elie Mystal, one of the ignorant talking heads on MSNBC.

He made Walker sound like a servant to the GOP.


To be clear, if a white commentator were responsible for the rant you are about to hear, he would have been fired…

While I think Walker is a weak candidate, I also think he merely needs to learn the political game to get better.

To say this man is not thinking for himself, well, that is just flat-out insulting.

Walker, to his credit, took the high road and responded…

Mystal then responded to Walker, downplaying using the word “negro.”

However, I would counter by saying that in the context he used it, it was just as insulting, if not more, than the “other” n-word…

The shame Mystal tried to put on Walker is for the exact opposite of what he claims.

Walker has his own beliefs, so Mystal called him what equates to an Uncle Tom.

MSNBC owes that man an apology.

Source: Washington Examiner

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