The man who allegedly gunned down five people in South Carolina is now under arrest.

James Douglas Drayton, 24, was picked up in Georgia.

After being taken into custody, he confessed to the murders, but it is hardly as simple as that.

We Have a Situation

Drayton allegedly shot and killed Thomas Ellis Anderson, 37; Adam Daniel Morley, 32; Mark Allen Hewitt, 59; and Roman Christean Megael Rocha, 19.

The fifth victim, James Derek Baldwin, 49, died on the operating table.

Sheriff Chuck Wright stated, “This is the largest single murder we’ve had in Spartanburg County.”

Then it starts to go off the rails, with Wright stating, “He confessed to the crime.

“He basically said he’d been hearing voices.

“Not sure what that means for him but he knew he’d been using meth and had been up for like four days.

“Hadn’t slept in four days, probably not thinking.”

I am starting to think the house may have been a meth den, as three of the people killed were not residents of the home and they were no relation to the two people that lived there.

It is a theory, but it is possible that Drayton was doing meth with the victims when he went off the rails and killed them.

To be clear, that is my theory based on what I have read about the crime so far.

This matter is still under investigation by authorities.

Source: New York Post

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