They Found Him ALIVE… Over 7 Months Later

How about a good story for once?  

Do you remember that story about the missing boy in Washington about seven months ago?  

Well, they just found him alive and well. 

He’s Alive 

As police suspected early on, the grandparents were involved.  

Steven Bernd, a spokesperson for FBI Seattle, touched on that, stating, “The fact that… from the time we issued the release saying we were looking for him on [January] 23, and he was recovered a month later – talk about a win and how the publicity… actually works. You kind of think the worst. You hear about missing kids… and then to find him alive and healthy – it’s just very exciting,” 

Bernd then stated, “He was nowhere to be found, and his grandparents wouldn’t tell them. They were very uncooperative.  

“They said he wasn’t missing but… they’re not going to give us any information about where he is.  

“Then, a couple weeks later, they moved out of the apartment complex.” 

He continued, “Why grandma and grandpa weren’t cooperating, I think, is the most important question. 

“We were able to establish that he had been flown to Missouri in August by his grandfather and left there.… His grandfather flew home.” 

We look forward to hearing the full story, but for now, we are just happy we finally get to report on a child being found healthy after having gone missing.  

Source: Fox News

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