The Ruling that Would Make Millions of Americans and Disabled Veterans Felons Overnight


Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) has led 140 members of Congress to express their outrage in a letter to the Biden-Harris regime’s AG Merrick Garland and Acting ATF Director Marvin Richardson about a proposed order that would make millions of Americans and particularly disabled veterans instant felons. The DoJ proposed a “change of guidance” which changes the definition of a “rifle” to include ANY firearms “with pistol stabilizing braces that have “objective design features and characteristics that indicate that the firearm is designed to be fired from the shoulder.”

This latest attack on the Second Amendment has the apparent intent of reclassifying AR-style pistols as rifles. Therefore making them subject to heavier regulation as a “short-barreled rifle”, adding a $200 tax to each and requiring an additional form under the National Firearms Act (NFA). In addition to the added costs, the amount of government intrusion built into the regulation of so-called “Short Barrel Rifles” is massive.

According to American Military News,

“NFA item owners must also inform the ATF of any changes to the description of the NFA items, changes of address or even interstate travel with an NFA item. As of March, the ATF takes about seven months to process the paperwork for transferring ownership of an NFA item. Violations of the NFA can result in up to 10 years imprisonment and a fine of up to $250,000 for a person or $500,000 for an organization.”

Making Everyday Americans And Honored Veterans Overnight Felons

With the average seven-month turnaround on paperwork through the ATF a majority of gun-owners with stabilizing braces will be left with little recourse but to surrender their property without due process.

Congressman Hudson wrote,

“Should this guidance go into effect, a disabled combat veteran who has chosen the best stabilizing brace for their liability is now a felon unless they turn in or destroy the firearm, destroy the brace or pay a $200 tax.

Furthermore, it could make millions of law-abiding citizens felons overnight. It is unclear if someone currently in possession of a pistol with a stabilizing brace is expected to apply the test to the lawfully possessed firearm or if there is some other expectation to clarify the classification.”

“We are disturbed a government agency would issue guidance that would tax and take away the ability of tens of millions of Americans, including disabled veterans, to enjoy constitutionally protected rights,” the Members wrote. “In fact, the ATF seems committed to attacking the constitutionally protected rights of all law-abiding citizens.”

This bureaucratic sleight of hand is the latest in a series of blatantly unconstitutional attempts by the Democrat-Socialists of the Biden-Harris regime to de facto erase the Second-Amendment protected right to bear arms for self-defense without ACTUALLY challenging the Second Amendment itself. The idea being that if they can successfully circumvent Americans’ ability to purchase, and own firearms then they can disarm us before we can legally respond.

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