Suicide Bomb Attack Hits the Capitol…


The Turkish capitol of Ankara was hit by a terrorist attack on Sunday morning, October 1. It is reported that the suicide bombing was meant to target the General Directorate of Security.

This attack occurred one day before the Turkish parliament was set to reconvene after a three-month summer recess.

In response to this tragedy, Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya released a statement denouncing terrorism and expressing hope for the recovery of two police officers who sustained minor injuries from the incident.

At around 9:30 am on Sunday, two individuals believed to be terrorists arrived at the entrance gate within the Ministry of Internal Affairs and executed a bomb attack using a light commercial vehicle.

One attacker reportedly died upon detonation while another was shot in head by authorities prior to detonating explosives. According to Yerlikaya’s report, two police officers were injured in this event but are hopeful for their recovery.

Yerlikaya concluded his statement with strong words condemning terrorism and organized crime groups as well as promising continued resistance against them. “Our fight against terrorism, their collaborators, [drug] dealers, gangs and organized crime organizations will continue with determination,” he stated firmly in response to this tragic event.

He also expressed gratitude toward the brave policemen who put themselves at risk during this situation and specifically noted their “resistance” when “they got out of the vehicle” which prevented further damage from occurring due to their quick action.

The identity of those involved has yet to be determined however, it is clear that Turkey will not stand idly by in face of such acts targeting its people and government officials alike.

It is essential now more than ever that authorities investigate this incident thoroughly so justice can be served accordingly and measures can be taken for similar occurrences not happen again in future times ahead.

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