Shocking Biden Emails Leaked

Shocking Biden Emails Leaked

Emails from the Joe Biden campaign have been leaked, and left-wing propaganda outlet CNN is attempting to do damage control.

These leaked emails show that the Biden campaign was communicating back and forth with Facebook, attempting to pressure them into censoring their opposition. When CNN found out that Facebook decided not to censor a video by Donald Trump Jr., they became outraged that the platform isn’t censoring enough.

Even though Facebook did change its policies soon after the email exchange with Biden campaign officials, that wasn’t good enough for CNN. As a news outlet, one would think that they would be in favor of freedom of speech, but CNN is no longer a news outlet, they are a propaganda machine for the Democrats.

In their article about the leaked emails, CNN includes quotes from Democrat activists complaining that Facebook is not censoring enough conservative content. One of the activists even referred to Facebook  — a platform that has banned Donald Trump and many other high-profile conservatives — as a “right-wing propaganda machine.”

The post that CNN and the Biden campaign were most outraged about was a video shared by Donald Trump Jr. in September 2020, which called for Trump supporters to monitor early voting and the ballot counting process.

In the leaked emails, Biden’s campaign tried to claim that the video was a call to violence because Trump Jr. used the term “army” in reference to the volunteer effort. Facebook rebuffed those claims.

CNN reports:

After a Facebook official responded explaining the video did not violate the site’s policies that would warrant its removal, the Biden official responded with exasperation.

“The Trump Campaign has received the message that they may put videos on your platform saying that millions of fraudulent votes will be used to steal the election. And the solution to that is for ‘able-bodied people’ to enlist in an ‘army.’ So, their shrieks of fraud compound and their calls to ‘enlist’ multiply. Good gracious,” the Biden official wrote. “I struggle to believe that is the precedent you are intending to set.”

CNN isn’t even trying to pretend they are a straight-news channel anymore. They clearly support censorship, and are obviously on the side of Joe Biden and the Democrats. The propaganda outlet even admits that both Facebook and Twitter added “misinformation” labels on the video, but that wasn’t good enough for them.

“The video of Trump Jr. was also posted to Twitter which also allowed the video to remain on its site. Both companies affixed labels to the videos pointing to accurate information about voting. The following month, Facebook brought in a new policy against militarized language and polling locations, but the policy did not apply retrospectively, meaning Trump Jr.’s video could stay on the platform,” CNN wrote.

The news media is no longer non-partisan. CNN and other mainstream media outlets are in bed with the Democrats, and openly advocating against free speech. The propaganda machine just keeps churning out stories that favor the radical left’s agenda, while pretending to be fair and balanced.

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