Senator Tom Cotton Reveals It for the American People


It’s a gross, crooked perversion of the Congressional process, it is dangerous and a slap in the face to our founding fathers. While the American people are more divided than ever with the partisan divide becoming more volatile by the day, Congressional Democrats are talking about making an end-run around Senate Republicans to grant illegal immigrants amnesty and Senator Tom Cotton’s Twitter Thread reveals it all.

The results could be a catastrophic shattering of the Republic as the very last vestige of minority party ability to compel the majority to compromise would be forever broken, leaving at least 75 million Americans effectively unrepresented in Congress.

Fox News reports,

“Republicans are sounding the alarm over a Democratic push to include amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants in their budget reconciliation proposal, with the possibility that the effort could get through without the need for any Republican support.”

Tom Cotton Reveals The Democrats’ Play

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) broke the situation down in a viral Twitter thread which we have unraveled for you,

Conservatives need to focus on a critical fight that hasn’t gotten enough attention: the Democrats’ effort to stuff amnesty into a reconciliation bill.

Here’s why this matters:

Democrats don’t have 60 Senate votes for amnesty, so they have a new trick: pretend the biggest immigration bill in decades is part of their “budget” bill to pass it on a party-line vote through reconciliation.

Granting amnesty, citizenship, voting rights, and welfare for millions of illegal aliens is not just a simple “budget” item. But the White House is still trying to force this through.

The Biden administration has already caused the most severe border crisis in decades with open-borders policies. The cartels are taking advantage to move heroin, fentanyl, meth, and cocaine into the U.S—at a time when drug deaths are at a record high.

If the Democrats pass this amnesty through reconciliation, it will encourage more illegal immigration, promote disrespect for our laws, and solve nothing. It means lower wages for Americans, higher deficit spending, increased crime, and threats to our national security.

They want open borders, no immigration enforcement, and amnesty. Under the Biden administration, they’ve already achieved the first two. We can’t let them have amnesty, too.”

Democrats Are ACTUALLY Calling For This – They Aren’t Joking

The Hill reports that Rep. Jesús García (D-IL) said on July 6th that he will only support a budget reconciliation package if it “includes provisions to grant a pathway to citizenship to a broad spectrum of the country’s undocumented population.” they wrote.

In a statement Garcia said,

“A robust and equitable budget reconciliation deal must include a pathway to citizenship for
immigrants — our country can’t make a full recovery without it, and I can’t support any deal that
leaves so many people in my district behind,”

According to Fox News, “Rep. Pramila Japayal, D-Wash., said Wednesday that the resolution will include a pathway to citizenship for “Dreamers, TPS, essential workers, and farmworkers.” Speaker Pelosi and Senator Bernie Sanders are running point on the “reconciliation” process and seem to believe that there is a real chance of this happening too. Once again, everything seems to sit on the shoulders of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) who the narrow one-seat majority of the Senate has made the ‘indispensable man’ of 2021. Manchin has stalled several of his colleagues’ hyper-partisan maneuvers and given his hard stance on the filibuster and requiring bipartisanship, it seems unlikely that he will budge.

The Federalist‘s Christopher Jacobs penned an Op-Ed which suggests Democrats cannot use the reconciliation avenue to force immigration legislation. Jacobs explained that the Democrats unless they get Manchin to agree to a rule change will run afoul of the “Byrd rule” and its “six-fold test” He explains that the Byrd rule is “designed to preserve the integrity of the legislative filibuster. That rule, named for former Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd, prohibits the inclusion of “extraneous” material, absent the agreement of 60 senators (the number normally needed to overcome a filibuster) to waive Senate rules and keep the material in the bill.

“One of the six-fold tests under the “Byrd rule” applies to a provision that “produces changes in outlays or revenues which are merely incidental to the non-budgetary components of the provision.” This test, among others, tripped up the minimum wage increase Democrats wanted to add to their “COVID relief” bill earlier this year.”

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