Russian Soldiers Get Roasted by Ukrainian Driver

Russian Soldiers Get Roasted by Ukrainian Driver

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to heat up, a group of Russian soldiers got roasted by a Ukrainian driver, and it was all captured on video.

While the invasion of a sovereign nation and the deaths of potentially thousands of people is no laughing matter, this moment definitely was. A Ukrainian man came upon a group of Russian soldiers and what appeared to be a Russian tank stopped on a rural road, apparently out of gas. In that moment, he decided to make fun of them in their moment of weakness.

The minute-long clip begins with the man driving up to the group of soldiers on the rural road, and slowing down to speak to them out of the window of his car.

“Are you guys broken down?” the man asks the soldiers.

“Out of fuel,” one of the Russians responds.

“Can I tow you back to Russia?” the Ukrainian quipped, which surprisingly generated some laughter from the Russian soldiers.

The conversation then continues with the man asking the soldiers if they knew where they were headed.

One soldier replies, saying “to Kyiv,” and asks, “What do they say on the news?”

The Ukrainian bravely responds, “Well, while everything is on our side, yours and prisoners surrender well.”

He then adds that he’s asked a “whole column,” and “no one knows where they are and where they are going.”

The Ukrainian then speeds away, and then comes upon another tank and a pickup truck just a few seconds away that are also stopped on the side of the road.

The video was shared to Twitter with translated captions.

“A priceless exchange of a brave Ukrainian citizen with Russian army stuck out of fuel. ENGLISH SUBTITLES. [Thanks to my Ukrainian friend for transcription and translation],” the tweet read.

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