Rocket Attacks Injure U.S. Personnel, Foreign Affairs Rapidly Deteriorating


Another of those pesky rocket attacks hit Ain Al-Asad Air Base in Iraq, injuring two, as the diplomatic situation in the Middle East continues to deteriorate rapidly. Imperial Leader Joe Biden is absolutely horrible at foreign affairs and everyone from Haiti to Dubai knows it.

The attacks keep coming

Iranian “proxy” forces continue to get away with pushing Joe Biden around like a shopping cart. The Ayatollah is unhappy that the pallets of cash haven’t started flowing yet so he keeps sending Joe little love notes.

Around 12:30 p.m. local time, which is Wednesday morning, July 7, over here, the attacks started. At least 14 rockets struck the base where U.S. and coalition forces are housed. Some struck along the base perimeter resulting in two minor injuries.

Army spokes-Colonel Wayne Marotto, assigned to Operation Inherent Resolve, tweeted out on Twitter that damage from the attacks “is still being assessed” but “force protection defensive measures were activated” and “all personnel have been accounted for.”

Officials did not yet know “the nationality of those injured.” Each single strike against the Iraqi government in the Kurdistan region “undermines the authority of Iraqi institutions, the rule of law and Iraqi national sovereignty.”

All these attacks are the reason “coalition forces are co-located with our [Iraqi Security Forces] and Peshmerga partners on ISF bases. Each attack against the coalition endangers the lives of ISF and Peshmerga forces.”

One of the reasons why only two of our side were wounded is because the goat humpers have terrible equipment and no idea how to use it.

Appeared to carry flour

Nobody in the Al-Baghdadi area in Anbar Governorate paid much attention when the truck apparently carrying bags of flour pulled up and parked in front of the Mosque. They call them “OMG” rocket launchers because that’s what people say when they explode.

Once the flour was unpacked, the truck became a base for launching rocket attacks. Except the first one blew the whole crew to Jahannam. They didn’t know they were supposed to unload the extra rockets BEFORE launching one. When it blew up it damaged local homes and the Mosque.

“Meanwhile, the rest of the rockets that were left inside exploded, causing damage to nearby citizens’ homes and a mosque,” the Iraqi Security Media Cell tweeted. Many more attacks like that and they’ll have to surrender. One of the local lords of war took the blame.

“A militia group called Liwa Tha’ar al-Muhandis has claimed responsibility for the attack.” They claim, their “mujahdins managed to target Ain al-Asad that US occupation uses in Anbar with 30 Grad rockets at 12:33 & targets have been struck w/ high precision. We reiterate to the brute occupation that we will force you to withdraw from our lands defeated.”

It’s only the latest in a whole string of attacks designed to show how weak and stupid Joe Biden really is. Since June, one outlet notes, “Iran or one of its proxies has attacked US targets 9 times. That’s just in a one-month and one-day period.”

Some of the highlights were a weaponized drone which “was shot down near the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad after midnight on July 5” with no casualties. Then there were the multiple rockets which “hit a U.S. base in Syria on June 28.” In that one, “U.S. forces returned fire with counter-battery artillery.”

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