Report: The Great Migration Away From Democrat Sh*t-Holes is Upon Us


The “Great Migration” (or really no-so-great if you live in Arizona) of the American political exodus has begun. People are leaving California and other Democrat-Socialist wastelands in droves to flee from many things like crippling taxes, job loss due to punishing regulations, riots, crime, COVID lockdowns, even wildfires.. Most of which are exacerbated (if not actually caused) by environmentalist eco-fascists forbidding controlled burning and responsible logging, land clearance and grazing. But what are they blaming? Wait for it…. CLIMATE CHANGE. (Yes…seriously…)

“Climate Displacement” Yup, That’s What They’re Calling It

In a recent story for The Nation, Kate Wheeling wrote, “At least 57 percent of Americans believe that weather- or climate-related events will influence their future moving decisions, according to a recent study published in Climatic Change.

“We’ve never asked this kind of question before in the context of the United States. Because climate-induced migration has always been discussed in the context of the global south,” said Byungdoo Kim, a doctoral candidate in environmental communication at Cornell University and lead author of the study. “But recently, we’ve been through a lot here in the United States.”

Wheeling however, and much of the establishment left are willfully ignoring a powerful truth: Americans aren’t moving because of fears of climate-change or even because of COVID. They’re moving due to fear of other humans, specifically for political motives. Unrest, riots and crime are skyrocketing in the leftist, Democrat run states. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are allowed to loot, pillage, assault and burn with relative impunity while simultaneously right leaning protests are amplified by the media and cracked down upon HARD (::cough:: January 6th ::cough::).

For the record, the Study in “Climatic Change” is based on POLLING. What we’re about to explore is based on Facts.

The American Political Migration

In Forbes, a Travel writer Chris Dorsey (Not even a political contributor!) wrote a piece entitled “America’s Mass Migration Intensifies As ‘Leftugees’ Flee Blue States And Counties For Red” describing a mass migration of what he calls ‘Leftugees’ fleeing from Blue States and Counties for Red ones.

Dorsey writes,

“The top five states seeing a mass exodus are all Democrat-controlled. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Illinois lost a combined 4 million residents between 2010 and 2019.  Conversely, a recent study by U-Haul reported that the top five states to see the greatest influx of new residents include the Republican-led states of Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio and Arizona.”

“These migration patterns could be a sign of the growing political divide in America, according to a recent Penn State report. “It’s a geographic form of polarization,” says Bruce Desmarais, an associate director of the Center for Social Analytics at Penn State. “It’s a phenomenon that political scientists refer to as the ‘hollowing out of the political center.’ Forty years ago, you could find many moderate Democrats and moderate Republicans in Congress. You don’t find that now—and we’re also seeing this dynamic in these migration patterns.”

‘Don’t California my Arizona/Texas/Oregon’ is a meme for a very, very, very good reason. Demographic changes (not racial ones… bloody bigots… gosh…) indicate that as these migrations progress, unfortunately many of these so-called “leftugees” haven’t learned the consequences of their failed ideology much to the lament of Arizonans and Texans in particular.

Chris Dorsey asks this question to close his piece: “Will those fleeing blue counties and states bring their politics with them or adopt the positions that made their moves attractive in the first place?” He does provide a ray of hope: “The Penn State study suggests that people tend to want to live in ideological silos, surrounding themselves with others who share their political views.”

The exact phrasing in the study is “This finding builds on existing research that has documented (1) that individuals prefer to move to and live in locations inhabited by co-partisans, and (2) that local geographic areas have become more polarized in recent decades. Our results indicate that large scale patterns of polarized migration flows serve as a potential mechanism that contributes to geographic partisan polarization.”

The study illustrates through the figure below that local partisanship has actually been REINFORCED, not diluted by the migrations. Suggesting that it is disenfranchised conservatives that are largely fleeing from Democrat controlled states and largely not liberals fleeing from problems of their own creation. While doubtlessly those people do exist they are not statistically significant. (Speaking as an Arizona conservative, that’s somewhat comforting.)

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