Report: Did They Murder Him to Keep Him Silent


Alexey Navalny is an anti-corruption activist and leader of the anti-Kremlin opposition that has nipped at the ankles of Vladimir Putin’s regime for years. Fox News Charlotte reported Thursday that the top doctor who treated Navalny for poisoning from Novichok, a military-grade chemical weapon, has mysteriously died. Biden and Harris should pay attention, if Putin is afraid then he’s dangerous.

“With regret, we inform you that…the deputy chief physician for anesthesiology and resuscitation of the emergency hospital №1, assistant of the department of Omsk State Medical University, PhD of medical sciences Maximishin Sergey Valentinovich suddenly passed away,” the hospital said in a statement, which did not mention a cause of death.

Nalvany has just been sentenced to two-years, eight months in prison… for missing his parole hearings… while he was in Germany getting treatment… because he was poisoned on a plane with a lethal Russian military chemical weapon… That’ll keep him silent, for now at least.

Let’s catch up, there’s a lot KGB Stuff to unpack here:

  • Navalny was convicted of embezzlement and given what amounts to parole (a suspended sentence), the European Court of Human Rights ruled this was “politically motivated”. (read as: a complete frame-job)
  • Alexey was then poisoned before boarding a flight from Moscow back to Siberia and had to emergency land in Omsk where the hospital “simply does not have enough equipment that is required for the necessary tests and procedures,” according to his spokesperson. Navalny fell into a coma.
  • Navalny was then, against Moscow’s wishes and under intense EU pressure, Medically evacuated to Berlin where he was succesfully treated for Novichok poisoning.
  • Against advise from EU authorites, Navalny returned to Russia this week and was promptly arrested, tried and found guilty of violating the terms of his suspended sentence and is now going to prison for 2 years 8 months.
  • If that wasn’t bad enough: this triggered a riot in Moscow of Navalny’s supporters where Russian police detained 1,400 people on top of the 9,000 they’ve detained over the last two weeks.
  • The Senior Doctor of the Omsk Hospital Dr. Maximishin Sergey Valentinovich Ph.D. where Navalny was initially treated is now dead under mysterious circumstances.

Leonid Volkov, Navalny’s chief of staff, told reporters that Dr. Maximishin was in charge of treating the Alexey. “Sergey Maximishin was the head of department that treated Alexey Navalny and was in charge of his treatment — specifically his medically induced coma,” Volkov said.

“(Maximishin) knew more than anyone else about Alexey’s condition so I can’t dismiss possibility of foul play,” he added.

Even CNN Couldn’t Get This Wrong, The Doctor is Silent Now

All caught up? Good. Because from all appearances, Vladimir Putin is TERRIFIED of Alexey Navalny. CNN reports, “Putin should be worried. Tens of thousands of protesters heeded calls by Navalny and his team to demonstrate in recent weeks. Significantly, not all were the usual Navalny supporters. What they had in common, however, was a desire for political change.”

Navalny has publicly blamed his poisoning on the Russian Secret Police or FSB on Putin’s order, and a CNN-Bellingcat expose supports his claim, the Kremlin has denied this vehemently. But, now the only Russian witness who could testify to Alexey’s Novichok poisoning is dead of an apparent “heart attack”.

German authorities should consider placing the medical staff that treated Navalny in Berlin under guard or they may be kept silent too.


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