Rep. Adam Schiff ‘We Intend to DESTROY It’

Rep. Adam Schiff 'We Intend to DESTROY It'

Adam Schiff, a known liar and crooked congressman, wrote a lie-filled op-ed for NBC News about former President Donald Trump entitled “Trump left behind a road map for aspiring autocrats. We intend to destroy it.”

Schiff is known for lying about the Russian Collusion Hoax, claiming on multiple occasions to have seen evidence proving Donald Trump had colluded with Russia, but admitting behind closed doors that no such evidence existed. He is continuing that narrative in this article.

At first, it appears that Schiff is finally admitting he was wrong about Russian collusion, but later in the article he tries to push the claim once again.

“Not long into former President Donald Trump’s tenure in office, it became increasingly apparent that the greatest threat to our democracy came not from a Kremlin intent on subverting our elections but from within, from an executive willing to use his power maximally, without regard for other institutions or the norms of office long associated with the presidency,” Schiff began.

Clearly, that is a blatant lie. For the first two years of his presidency, Trump was barely able to get anything done, because he was tied up with the Russia hoax, and because the Republicans in charge of Congress were doing nothing, as usual.

Later in the article, Adam Schiff tries to claim that Trump used the office of the presidency to enrich himself, despite the fact that Trump actually lost money while he was in office. He also makes the blatantly false claim that Trump used the Justice Department to go after his enemies, which was actually something that former President Obama did, and Joe Biden is doing currently.

“For decades, we assumed these norms were inviolate, that presidents couldn’t use their office to enrich themselves, use the Justice Department to go after their enemies, use federal employees and federal properties as campaign workforces and assets or ignore and belittle the powers of Congress,” Schiff wrote.

Then, predictably, the crooked congressman went back to his only claim to fame: pushing the false notion that Trump sought foreign help to win the election. He also tried to tie the so-called insurrection to Trump, even though the former president was nowhere near the Capitol when it was breached, and he even told people to calm down and go home.

“The potent remedy the founders provided for a corrupt chief executive has proven ineffective — even for a president who sought illicit foreign help in his election and fomented an insurrection against his own government — in the face of one party’s determination to maintain power at all costs,” Schiff wrote.

Hilariously, Adam Schiff concluded his op-ed by trying to claim that Trump “left behind” a “road map” for an “aspiring autocrat.” This is blatantly absurd. Even in situations where most leaders would turn to a more “autocrat” approach, Trump didn’t. During violent riots that destroyed thousands of businesses and killed dozens of people, the former president still did not send in the feds or the military. Even when Democrat-run states were violating the civil liberties of their citizens with authoritarian COVID restrictions, he didn’t use the power of the federal government to step in. The claim that he was some sort of autocrat is just ridiculous, but Schiff doesn’t care.

“Donald Trump is no longer president, but the road map he left behind for any unscrupulous, aspiring autocrat is apparent to all. That is why it is up to us to act, to restore the guardrails he purposefully tore down and to put in place reforms so that our democracy is never again placed in such peril,” he concluded.

  1. now that the John Durham investigation is starting to bring out the true facts that the Russian collusion was in fact perpetrated but hillery, you would think ol pencil neck would keep his head down and lay off the fake bullshit but oh no
    the difference between Durham and shifty is Durham took time and looked for the facts to get to the truth whereas
    pencil neck made up shit for purly political gain hoping to slow President Trumps effort to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN he did slow Trump down enough that Trump wasn’t able to finish all the great thing he was doing for America slow down but not stop
    what ever republican and make no mistake it will be a republican in the white house will have Trumps roadmap to work with and the time to finish everything Trump was able to start in spit of all the obstruction the demoncrats thru up form the very start of Trumps presidency

  2. The socialist Democrats’ bent is to accuse other of just what they’re attempting and doing, from voting fraud to dictatorial power grabs. It’s the nature of modern liberals, progressives, socialists, and communists.

  3. Schiff has the largest amount of WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER OVERFLOWING hisUTTERLY EMPTY SKULL. His is also the MOST WORTHLESS of all the WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER in the Democrapic party’s skulls. He spews LIES because that is all Democraps can put out. See Democraps LIE by existing. The only Democraps who LIE more are Pedo Joe, the Ho, Nutsy, Gonadler, MAD MORON Maxine and last but NEVER LAAST Schmuck Schumer.

  4. Schiff is nearing the end of his time in the spotlight. It will come to light how his fast and loose actions stepped all over lady liberty.

  5. One of the primary threats to our democracy is corrupt democrat politicians of which Adam Schiff is one of the worse. He belongs in prison for his habitual lying and leaking of classified information. Pelosi and whoever it is that is responsible for classified information in the House of Representatives should also be locked up for allowing Schiff to Chair the House Intelligence Committee.

  6. Schiff has always used projection to cover himself just like all the other democrats do. They use this often to deflect what they are actually doing to shift the blame on an innocent person.

  7. Adam Schiff is a complete P.O.S. This man should be held accountable for his habitual behavior. He is destroying our country for his father in law , George Sorros. Who also is a P.O.S.

  8. Schiff, you are a certifiable LIAR, and you know you’re a Liar. You tried to destroy the President, with your complete bullshi- lies, and continue to insist that President Trump colluded with Russia. You have been proven wrong, and we the people demand that you shut your lying mouth, or it will be shut for you, LEGALLY. You’ve already demonstrated that you can’t tell the difference between fact, and fantasy, so you aren’t capable of representing anybody, in any capacity. It’s time you demonstrated any decorum that you have, if any, and step down, before you are removed, unceremoniously, and in public view. You could be charged with lying to your own Congress the Senate, but most importantly, to We The People, and on a regular basis. You have committed any number of treasonous acts, against the country, and rest assured, you WILL be held accountable, and with a note of finality. You are a major embarrassment to the country, and almost to the level of your mindless puppet Joeppoccio in charge.

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