Democrats Urging Followers: Cheat in Georgia

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Despite “Fact Checkers” like Snopes fervent attempts to dampen the blow, the tweets are mounting and so are the videos that prove it. Prominent Democrats Urging Followers: Cheat in Georgia. 
New York Times Columnist Tom Friedman said as much to CNN’s Chris Cuomo Monday night:
“I hope everybody moves to Georgia in the next month or two and registers to vote and votes for these two Democratic senators,”
Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang tweeted:

How are Democrats doing it?

Prominent Democrats are suggesting their followers from out-of-state “Temporarily move” to Georgia where two US Senate Runoffs are unfolding that will decide the course of our nation. This is only possible due to the unusually weak residency requirements that exist in Georgia voting law.
It’s underhanded, it’s exploitative, it completely undermines the sanctity of the electoral process. And the most damnable part of it all: it is actually illegal. Despite, the Wall Street Journal asserting “Is it legal? The answer is: yes” they also quoted a Georgia spokesman who said, it is
“a felony to vote in Georgia if you are not a legal resident or only plan to be in the state temporarily for an election.”
But the trouble is that it’s pretty difficult to prove a person is just there to vote. It requires hard documentation, hearings, subpoenas and most of all: time. And the law does not state a time-frame for a “temporary” resident either. Time is also a luxury we don’t have with the runoff election set for January 5th.
But wait, there’s more: Georgia’s voter ID laws even allow someone to vote with an out-of-state license.
Senator Loeffler
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Senator Perdue
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And then there’s the money to back it up.

Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are facing stiff opposition from Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock respectively. And as if the alleged voting shenanigans or a Presidential recount weren’t enough, now Democrats are funneling money into the Georgia Runoff at a staggering pace which could exceed $200 Million. If this nation allows the Democrats who are urging their  followers to start cheating in Georgia to continue, than it shows something even more disturbing: We’ve become complacent. If we allow this to happen, the worst will follow.


  1. The Democrats have already cheated at every step along the way in the presidential election, why the hell should they stop now? If the Republicans want to have even an underdog’s chance of winning, they had better place ten observers to watch every vote and every vote counted. They should also expect any and every other means of cheating and be ready to stop every damned one of them.

  2. Despite everything, they still own a buttload of judges who preserve and defend certain versions of the Constitution and can be counted upon to deliberate and pontificate and give the democrats what they want. “Well, son-of-a-bitch!” as “president-elect” biden would say.

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