Plot to Destroy America Surfaces


Yes, there really is a plot to destroy America, and it seems to be going exactly as planned. You haven’t heard anything about George Soros for a while because his work is long done and he’s crawled under a rock to die, comfortable in the knowledge that his efforts tipped the scales away from deplorable Nationalism to favor the global anarchy of New World Order. Andy Ngo’s new book “Unmasked” details exactly how successful Soros was, while Town Hall fills in the gaps with how it was done.

Dastardly progressive plot

Town Hall pointed out quite effectively in a recent column that Andy Ngo pretty much summed up the evil plot in a book he put together from his experiences. The videographer filmed liberal anarchist riots night-after-night.

By now, its crystal clear that “the BLM organization and Antifa operate in tandem.” It’s also obvious that they both “are run by Marxists who seek nothing less than to destroy America.” We know because of the targets they pick. Government buildings, houses of worship, “monuments to historic figures,” and above all the American flag and National Anthem.

The plot to wipe out free enterprise and replace history and math in schools with Marxist Critical Race Theory is a blatant attempt “to breed generations of Marxist revolutionaries to promote violent overthrow.”

We saw it in action all last year with the “looting and burning of businesses, government buildings, and churches.” Not to mention all the robbery, assaults, and murder.

Conservative Americans are totally convinced that progressive Democrats are intentionally and systematically “undermining the criminal justice system by defeating its primary purposes.”

The whole plot is to erase the constitution right along with the borders and let His Wisdom Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. provide everyone with everything they’ll ever need. All you need to do is drink the Kool-Aid and everything will be alright.

Remove obstacles to violence

Connecting all the dots together makes the whole evil plot jump into view. It all starts with the rabidly liberal district attorneys, mayors, and governors elected with the help of George Soros and billions of dollars provided by the Rothschild family and their minions. George simply wrote the checks and funneled the money around into smaller piles.

From there, all the Antifa® and Black Lives Matter™ activist groups could buy all the black bloc riot gear, gasoline, and commercial grade fireworks they needed. Political pacs made sure nobody would go to jail for anything.

The violence is clearly “part of a larger stratagem.” Joe Biden and the Imperial Palace are complicit in the plot. Democrats are seizing control of cities, counties, and states then “aiding the destruction by removing all obstacles to violence.”

Police were defunded for a reason. The idea is to “deny police the means necessary to stop rioting, looting, arson, assault, and murder.” When police do manage to make an arrest, liberal Soros backed prosecutors “release those arrested without charge.”

You know there has to be a plot when prosecutors won’t put violent felons behind bars. When they do, they always recommend early release. Forget about the death penalty. The last thing they want to see is “protection of the public and justice for crime victims.” Just for one example, George Soros’s Justice and Public Safety PAC handed over “nearly $1 million to help elect prosecutors committed to avoid prosecution of criminals in Fairfax and Arlington Counties, Virginia.”

There, the County Attorney Steve Descano gave a light sentence to 53-year-old Oscar Roberto Zaldivar who confessed to “sodomy and aggravated sexual battery of a young girl repeated over five years, beginning when she was five and ending at the time of his arrest when she was 10.” With a little luck, he’ll be out in time for her 21st birthday. That’s democracy in action and why Benjamin Franklin noted he gave us a “Republic, if you can keep it.”

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