Paul Ryan Emerges From The Swamp to Show Just How Much of a Swamp Rat He Is


RINO Rat Paul Ryan just crawled out from under the rock he’s been hiding under to show once again exactly how much of a traitor to conservative nationalism he really is. The voters haven’t forgotten the way he threw them off the cliff time and again. His endorsement of Adam Kinzinger is the kiss of death as far as deplorables are concerned.

Paul Rino at it again.

Ex-Speaker of the House Paul Rino will be making a public appearance in Illinois on Monday to show solidarity for fellow RINO Adam Kinzinger, who’s described as “an outspoken critic of former President Donald Trump.”

Kinzinger should be running as a Democrat. He doesn’t stand a chance trying to blend in with the MAGA crowd and the GOP is currently in “purge” mode.

If you want to get a real good seat at the show, attendees are expecting to shell out up to $11,600 per person. Even the cheap seats in the rafters start out at $250 bucks a pop. To be there, you have to be invited. Politico got to see one of the invitations.

Paul Ryan’s appearance is being paid for by “Country First, which comprises Kinzinger’s campaign and his Future First Leadership PAC.” The “moderate” Democrats lurking in the Republican Party shadows hope to suppress the recent lunge to the right which the GOP has been seeing since Trump began running a government in exile from Mar-a-Lago.

Politico tweeted out that: “Former House Speaker Paul Ryan will headline a fundraiser on Monday for Rep. Adam Kinzinger. It’s a decisive move against ex-President Trump, who has set his sights on Republicans who voted to impeach him.”

That about sums it up. Kinzinger was one of the 10 House traitors who “voted to impeach Trump in January for his alleged role in the January 6 [alleged] riot at the U.S. Capitol.” He recently added insult to the injury.


No friends at party HQ

Last week, Kinzinger voted “in favor of a commission to investigate the Capitol riot despite opposition from Republican leadership.” He’s not going to be real popular with conservatives in the polls but he represents a deep blue state.

He’s not making any friends at party HQ by saying things like “It’s clear Trump is the party leader because there’s an absence of leadership.” Paul Ryan isn’t welcome by conservatives either. It’s clear they’re out to get the support of those who want RINO Democrat sleeper cells, like the Open Societies Foundations. They still have lots of anti-Trump money.


Paul Ryan is going spastic, right along with Kinzinger, over the prospect that Donald Trump continues to have “influence over the Republican Party since his departure from office.”

He wants Republicans to give up, drink the Kool-Aid, and vote Democrat. If you prefer your Democrat to at least pretend, having an “R” after their name, vote Kinzinger.


Donald Trump has already declared war against RINOs like Paul Ryan and Adam Kinzinger. He has “pledged to campaign against Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach him or did not support his claims of widespread voter fraud during the presidential election.

Conservative Americans are behind the efforts to round up the RINOs and brand them with the big “D” they deserve.

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