New DHS Report Reveals Massive Fraud


A new report from the office of the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General has rocked the Biden administration.

It has also proven many of us right in terms of the fraud we all thought was happening with Joe Biden’s America Rescue Plan.

The IG found the millions from the $110 million that was allocated to DHS went to organizations that were feeding the funds to help illegal immigrants.

What About Us?

I find it utterly amazing how far these people will go to help people that broke the law to come into the country and do not contribute to it in any way.

There is no bigger slap in the face of the American taxpayer than to see their money being spent on illegal immigrants.

The report stated, “These issues occurred because FEMA did not provide sufficient oversight of the funds and instead relied on local boards and fiscal agents to enforce the funding and application guidance.

“As a result, FEMA, as the National Board Chair, cannot ensure the humanitarian relief funds were used as intended by the funding and application guidance.”

The “issues” that are referred to in that statement were that roughly 70 percent of the organizations that received money were not dispending it properly.

Sadly, the IG only looked at a small portion of the transactions, as this fraud goes much deeper than this report even entails.

They are laughing at us, and they laugh harder every day.

Source: Fox News

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