New Details on Biden Admin Alleged Spying on Tucker Carlson


On June 28th Fox News Host Tucker Carlson announced that The National Security Agency had been monitoring his emails in order to find “damaging material” which would force Fox News to cancel his ratings dominating show. New details are throwing the mainstream media who scoffed and derided Carlson’s claim into a tailspin and shows the Biden-Harris regime to be treacherous fools.

“It’s not just political protests that the government is spying on,” Carlson told his audience.

“Yesterday, we heard from a whistleblower within the US government who reached out to warn us that the NSA, the National Security Agency, is monitoring our electronic communications and is planning to leak them in an attempt to take this show off the air.”

“The whistleblower, who is in a position to know, repeated back to us information about a story that we are working on that could have only come directly from my texts and emails,”

The Bomb Drop: Carlson Wanted An Interview With Putin

Curiously, in response to Carlson’s allegations, the NSA broke from the standard policy of ‘no comment’ and gave a deliberate public denial, via Twitter no less.

Shortly after the extremely rare, public denial, the center-left leaning Axios reported,

“Tucker Carlson was talking to U.S.-based Kremlin intermediaries about setting up an interview with Vladimir Putin shortly before the Fox News host accused the National Security Agency of spying on him, sources familiar with the conversations tell Axios.”

According to The New York Post, “Carlson confirmed the Axios story, recounting: “Late this spring, I contacted a couple of people I thought could help us get an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. I told nobody I was doing this other than my executive producer, Justin Wells.”

Carlson explained, “I wasn’t embarrassed about trying to interview Putin, He’s obviously newsworthy. I’m an American citizen, I can interview anyone I want, and I plan to. But still, in this case, I decided to keep it quiet. I figured that any kind of publicity would rattle the Russians and make the interview less likely to happen. But the Biden administration found out anyway by reading my emails.”

Then it came together as Carlson continued that a “whistleblower” informed him that the NSA was planning to leak the emails to the mainstream media in a Biden-Harris regime driven effort to “paint me as a disloyal American, a Russian operative (I’ve been called that before), a stooge of the Kremlin, a traitor doing the bidding of a foreign adversary.”

“That was the point they wanted to make,” Carlson added. “That’s why they planned to leak the contents of my emails to news organizations and yesterday, as noted, we learned they actually did it.”

If Carlson is right, that means the WhiteHouse is so desperate to delegitimize prominent conservatives that the NSA is even in play. The most powerful intelligence apparatus in the world has been turned against the people they’ve sworn to protect from foreign threats. This must be investigated by Congress and is absolutely impeachable conduct.

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