New Details Emerge Involving FBI Gunfight Near Walter Reed Hospital


When the incident went down, everybody covered it as breaking news and got the word out that the strange incident had happened, then waited for the FBI to explain the details. And waited. After a while everyone forgot about it. Suddenly it’s in the news again. That update we’ve all been waiting for is astounding.

Long awaited details

After Washington D.C.’s morning commute came to a grinding halt, “disrupted by a gunfight aboard a Metro Red Line train” on December 15, 2020, the “FBI confirmed one of their intrepid agents shot someone.” They also verified that it happened “near the station which serves both Walter Reed Hospital and Dr. Deep State’s National Institutes of Health.” There weren’t any other details. All that was known at the time is “a gunshot victim was transported from the Metro station to a local hospital.”

They started an investigation. Metro transit police noted in a recording of the notification call, the Metro station’s manager reports “on the train, sir. I got a guy here wounded, been shot.” They noted that “the FBI is investigating their agent and the shooting itself.” There was a much better reason for the investigation than there was for the shooting.

We just learned that the Federal Bureau of Instigation agent who shot his fellow passenger was arrested Tuesday. Emerging details throw an unexpected twist. “Eduardo Valdivia was indicted with second-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault, use of a firearm and reckless endangerment charges.”

He apparently was having a bad day. Judge Joan Ryon with the Montgomery County Circuit Court allowed Valdivia “released on personal bond.” He’s also been ordered to “turn over all his firearms and his passport.” No plea has been entered yet. It will be hard for the defense team against a train car full of witnesses.

According to Defense lawyer Robert Bonsib, “the charges in the indictment are very unfortunate and ill founded.” His 37-year-old client lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

He was “on his way to work when he allegedly got into a verbal exchange with Steven Slaughter” Other details include that the shooting happened on “a Red Line train after 6 a.m.” Those who think Slaughter said something related to Carter Page to cheese him off would be wrong. It’s a good guess though.

Judge, Jury and executioner

More details provided by the Metro Transit Police relate that there is video footage. It clearly “shows an adult male approaching Valdivia as the Metrorail car neared Medical Center Station in Bethesda. Words were exchanged, when Valdivia discharged his weapon several times.” The crime deserving summary execution was panhandling.

“Slaughter asked Valdivia for money and when Valdivia said that he didn’t have any, Slaughter walked away spewing expletives.” Newly promoted supervisory special agent Valdivia couldn’t let it go. He decided to take justice into his own hands.

Just released details verify that the “special agent told Slaughter to watch his mouth.” Slaughter turned around to let loose with a verbal assault but as soon as he got in the agent’s face, two shots were fired. He’s claiming self-defense. Slaughter wasn’t wearing a mask.

Bonsib argues that “Slaughter provoked Valdivia with ‘threatening and aggressive behavior at close range’ that put him in ‘imminent danger’ of getting into a fight.” That ignores the fact Slaughter was walking away until Valdivia provoked him into coming back. That’s like calling Doc Holliday a bad dentist and “yeller too!” If convicted, “Valdivia faces up to 30 years in prison.”

He wasn’t afraid for his life, he was afraid a street bum would beat him up and take his gun. After he instigated it. According to his lawyer, Valdivia barely knew how to use it. “Valdivia never discharged his firearm in the line of duty.” To him, it’s “clear that Eddie Valdivia acted to prevent what was about to be a physical confrontation with Mr. Slaughter.”

There ya go. Start a fight then end it with gunfire. No wonder it took so long to get the details out. At least one of the passengers is on the side of the agent. “The passenger told a 911 operator that ‘there is a law enforcement officer who shot a person who attacked him’ and the person who was shot got into Valdivia’s face without a mask on.” Slaughter was unarmed. “Portions of his spleen, colon and pancreas were removed.” Valdivia “hadn’t identified himself as an FBI agent until after the shooting.”

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