Mike Pence Shocking Admission!

Unlike Barack Obama and the Clintons, Mike Pence is honest enough to admit he’s been sitting on some classified documents, too. Just like Donald Trump and Joe Biden, he insists it was “an accident.” With all the controversy swirling around, Mike decided it would be a good idea to take a look at his own files.

Mike Pence had some too

A lawyer representing Mike Pence notified the National Archives in a letter that documents “with classified markings were discovered” in the former Vice President’s Indiana home “last week.

The discovery is being reported January 24 but a follow up letter dated January 22 notes that FBI agents had already “visited Pence’s residence to collect the documents.

It’s really not surprising that classified documents were mixed into the boxes of “office lint” which were carted out at the end of Donald Trump’s administration. Hillary Clinton is notorious for mishandling classified documents but she’s not currently searching for any.

Likewise, Barack Obama insists there aren’t any to be found and if anyone wants to come and look they need to go through his lawyers first. Mike Pence is at least man enough to fess up that he found some lurking.

The records Pence found “appear to be a small number of documents bearing classified markings that were inadvertently boxed and transported to the personal home of the former vice president at the end of the last administration,” Greg Jacob wrote.

As soon as he saw the classified stamps he set them back down and called for legal help.


Outside counsel with experience

After searching for competent attorneys, Pence “engaged outside counsel.” A heavy hitter “with experience in handling classified documents.” He invited his new lawyer “to review records stored in his personal home after it became public that documents with classified markings were found in President Joe Biden’s Wilmington residence.

Unlike the ones in Biden’s garage and Penn Center office, the batch in Pence’s possession isn’t expected to contain evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

Merrick Garland was quick to appoint a special counsel to haul Donald Trump over the coals for classified documents stored at Mar-a-Lago. The FBI didn’t wait for Trump’s lawyer, they just swooped in with a search warrant. Biden had a heads up they were coming. After Joe did a quick search of his primary home, which missed a few, he scurried to his beach house to toss it, too. That way, he didn’t have to watch FBI agents going through his closets.

Pence probably won’t need to worry about things like that. He made a good faith effort to weed them out before moving anything. “The attorneys on my staff went through all the documents at both the White House and our offices there and at the vice president’s residence to ensure that any documents that needed to be turned over to the National Archives, including classified documents, were turned over. So we went through a very careful process in that regard.

Biden also has a special counsel dogging him over his classified documents, but the fix is in from the beginning. Robert Hur is a good friend of Anti-Trump conspirator Rod Rosenstein and smirking fisherman Christopher Wray.

As Jacob assured the DOJ in his letter, Mike Pence “was unaware of the existence of sensitive or classified documents at his personal residence.” Even though he didn’t think he had any, he looked anyway and found some, in his locked safe. He “understands the high importance of protecting sensitive and classified information and stands ready and willing to cooperate fully with the National Archives and any appropriate inquiry.

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