McCarthy Makes DANGEROUS Move…


Newly appointed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is already following in Nancy Pelosi’s footsteps, straight to Taiwan. That’s a seriously unwise move but he’s doing it anyway. At least, the conservatives in the GOP managed to wrangle their committee appointments before they gave him the gavel. Hopefully, someone will be able to talk him out of starting world war.

McCarthy flirts with disaster

The Pentagon is reportedlyin the early stages of planning for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to travel to Taiwan later this year as House Republicans ​focus on China.” They announced it on Monday but that’s as far as the planning is going to go until someone pokes them with a stick.

The Pooh Bear is still stomping around over Pelosi’s slap in his face. Another official state visit to his territory could prompt the reunification he’s wanted for a long time. He might be willing to risk losing Uncle Sam as a sales customer if he thinks he can bank on the predictions of a long dead Greek named Thucydides.

The Pentagon is terrified McCarthy might do the trip soon, as early as spring. They’re doing what they can to drag out the preparations of “security logistics for the visit.” They’re watching nervously for “the expected response from Beijing.

That’s because China “views Taiwan as a breakaway province and has vowed reunification, including by force.” To prove they mean business, “China ​ratcheted up military drills near the island last August when then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a congressional delegation to the island.

Back in July, McCarthy saw Pelosi getting all the headlines and determined, then and there, “to travel to Taiwan ​if Republicans gained control of the House in the November midterm elections.

He considers it his victory celebration. Pelosi may have scored title of first House Speaker to visit Taiwan. If Kevin gets his way, he could end up being the last.

Already tense relations

New York Post is quick to point out that “McCarthy’s travel to Taiwan would further inflame already tense relations between Beijing and Washington at a time when both Republicans and Democrats are pressing the Biden administration to take a tougher stand against China.

Everyone seems to be pushing America toward war. Kevin McCarthy may be the one to tip us over the edge.

If they have to, the Pentagon promises to deliver Speaker McCarthy to Taiwan as scheduled. They won’t promise much after that, other than we’ll be ready.

Along with the new weaponization committee, conservatives also set up a brand new China select committee to “focus on the threat to America’s economy​ ​posed by the Chinese Communist Party.

When Nancy made her ill advised publicity trip to Taiwan, Joe Biden and the Palace weren’t happy but didn’t try to put any rocks in her shoes. The way liberal media puts it, “the Biden administration, which initially opposed Pelosi’s traveling to Taiwan because of the diplomatic issues it created, kept ​its distance from her visit — although she was permitted to travel on a military jet.

This time they’re reportedly “more engaged with the potential trip by McCarthy.” What New York Post isn’t reporting is if they’re against it, or for it. Does anyone know who bought those pricey paintings at Hunter’s SoHo art show a while back?

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