Massive Trucker Protest on the Rise [INFO]


The latest on the escalating trucker protest along the U.S.-Canada border is a convoy planned for January 28. That’s when “Convoi pour la liberté 2022” leaves French speaking Quebec from a point along the border, bound for Canada’s Capital of Ottawa. They’re joining fellow drivers who have been protesting since Monday, slowing border crossing stations to a standstill.

Trucker protest snarls border

Mainstream network news outlets in the United States are doing their best to cover up the coverage of an ongoing trucker protest. It has already snarled the border into chaos as the “strike” threatens to spread south into America.

U.S. drivers are expected to join in starting January 20th. That matches up with Biden’s versions of the mandate restrictions but details are scarce.

The upcoming Ottawa trucker protest is expected to be a rally in support of the organized truck drivers “opposed to Ottawa’s requirement they be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The convoys “will assemble at border crossings at St-Théophile in the Chaudière-Appalaches region, Stanstead in the Eastern Townships and St-Bernard-de-Lacolle in the Montérégie.” Once they gather, the plan is to converge “on Highway 40 in Vaudreuil and heading to Ottawa.

They invited every trucker in the province to “join the protest, which is expected to take place at noon in Ottawa.” Beginning this past Saturday, every driver “entering Canada from the U.S. must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to avoid a two-week quarantine and a COVID test before their arrival.

The opposition has been enormous, with estimates of “12,00 to 16,000 fewer trucks on the road” as a direct result of the heavy handed regulation.

A ‘slow roll’

On Monday, Canadian news started reporting massive delays at the crossing near Emerson, Manitoba. That’s just north of Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Starting around 3 a.m. on Monday morning, a group of truckers performed a ‘slow roll’ protest on Highway 75 between Emerson Duty Free and the Commercial Inspection station in Manitoba.” The trucker demonstration managed to block “all lanes of traffic at the border,” causing major traffic disruptions.


Cars and pickup trucks joined the angry trucker contingent to show support. At the last minute, the government seemed to cave in and offered some concessions, then walked it back and confused everyone.

Last week, “the Canadian government said that they would drop the quarantine requirement for unvaccinated Canadian truck drivers, but the government later said that this statement was issued in error and the quarantine requirement would stand after all.” Kind of the way Joe Biden just told Vlad Putin that a “minor incursion” of Ukraine would probably be just fine.

As reported by CDL Life, the “U.S. is expected to enforce a similar vaccine mandate at border crossings starting on January 22, 2022.

One protesting trucker, Joe Janzen of Smoke N’ Transport in Morden notes, “it’s not the matter of being vaxxed or unvaxxed. It’s a matter of having a choice to not or do it, right? The freedom is gone. Quebec is taxing or fining people, right? Trudeau stated that this is what’s gonna happen, right? Well, whatever happened to freedom of choice? This is what this is about. Freedom of choice. The choice is gone, right? We don’t have that anymore.

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