Massive $20 Million Biden Bribe EXPOSED


If your family business centered around climate change, how beneficial would it be to have a sitting president hang out for a week?

Well, guess where Joe Biden is spending his vacation?

That would be at the $20 million beachfront home of Democratic donor Maria Allwin — the widow of hedge fund founder James Allwin.

What Do You Need?

Not only is Biden getting the vacation on the cuff, but the Allwins will have plenty of time to sit down and talk turkey with Biden.

You see, Maria Allwin’s son runs the family business, Aetos Capital.

As it happens, part of the firm’s holdings are California-issued carbon credits, quite possibly the biggest scam of the climate movement.

This is more or less a piece of paper that is purchased that says you get to emit carbon dioxide.

These are very popular in the private jet industry to justify flying private, something that Bernie Sanders made us of during his campaign.

This is a rich man’s game, and it is making rich people even richer.

Carbon credits play a huge role in this climate movement, so it is a bit disturbing to me that one of the players in this ridiculous game has the ear of the president of the United States for a full week.

While all of this is going on, there are no visitor logs, there is no media, and Joe Biden is virtually off the grid, unprecedented for any president during a vacation.

Oh, by the way, Hunter Biden is there too, so don’t be surprised if he suddenly starts a new business venture in carbon credits.

Source: New York Post

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