She Went on a Date…Next Day She Saw Herself on TV Wanted For MURDER


When her date casually stated “excuse me for a moment,” she thought he went to use the restroom, not to murder the guy who just scammed him out of $40 bucks. Looking at someone the wrong way can get a person capped but this street con was practically suicidal.

Scammed on a date

At least the cold blooded vigilante had the taste to keep his date in the dark about what he was up to while he tracked down, tried, sentenced and executed the local grifter who scammed him out of $40.

She didn’t know anything even happened until she saw something on the news a few days later which caught her attention. She quickly called in the tip. Obviously, news outlets aren’t revealing her name.

The state of Texas is charging Erick Aguirre with the April 11 murder of 46-year-old Elliot Nix. The police report notes that Aguirre pausedhis dinner date to fatally shoot an individual who had allegedly posed as a parking attendant and scammed him out of $40.

He can get out for $200,000 but hasn’t yet and his attorney, Brent Mayr, isn’t talking. The accused 29-year-old “and his date had parked their vehicles near a downtown Houston restaurant when Nix approached them, saying it would cost $20 each to park their cars.” Without hesitation, Aguirre played the perfect gentleman and forked over the cash.

Later, at the restaurant, an employee filled him in on what had really happened. “Nix didn’t work for the parking lot and had scammed them.” Oh really, Aguirre observed.

That wasn’t a nice thing to do. He wasn’t going to allow it to happen again. He didn’t have much time because his new friend was left staring at an empty chair.

Witness saw the murder

At the nearby smoke shop, an employee noticed “Aguirre run back to his car, grab a pistol and go after Nix.” He missed the good part because “both men went out of his view.” They weren’t out of his hearing and the worker “heard a gunshot.” That was “before 8 p.m.,” he notes.

Aguirre came back in to view, “nonchalantly walking back to his car with the gun in his hand.” He carefully returned it to his car, walked back across to the eatery and rejoined his lady friend. “Long line,” he muttered, reaching for his chardonnay. The guy who scammed them didn’t go far. “Nix was taken to a hospital, where he later died.

Aguirre made the mistake of telling his date he confronted the man who scammed them. She “later told police she did not see or hear what he had done.” Aguirre had assured her that “he had just scared the guy and everything was fine.

She also told them that after his little walk outside, “Aguirre looked uncomfortable and suggested they go someplace else,” which they did.

Two days later, the woman saw herself on TV as wanted in connection with the homicide. Surveillance footage showed the couple going in to the restaurant together. “She wanted to do the right thing.

She wanted “to make sure that she came forward and told the police what she knew,” her lawyer relates. She had nothing to do with killing the guy who scammed her date. Police soon arrested Aguirre, “who lives near Corpus Christi.” This isn’t a case of Second Amendment self-defense. Circumstances of this one include “retrieving a weapon when there was no immediate danger and then continuing with one’s dinner after the alleged shooting.

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