Kamala Harris Makes Her Move Against Joe

Over the last few days, we have seen the Democratic Party’s attitude toward Kamala Harris change a bit.

It would appear that Biden knows he may have to step down, and if he does, the only real choice the Democrats have is to elevate Kamala Harris.

To that point, all of a sudden, Harris is attached to Joe’s hip.

Harris Nowhere, Harris Everywhere

Think back to when was the last time you saw Harris and Biden together.

I honestly cannot remember it before this holiday weekend.

Now, Harris is all over the place with Biden and the White House is touting her as the future of the party, literally.

And Harris is once again trying to reset her profile by sticking up for Joe on all the news outlets, telling one reporter, “There are three things that were true yesterday before the debate that are still true today. Let’s level set on this. First, the stakes of this race could not be higher.

“Second, the contrast in this election could not be more stark.

“And third, we believe in our President Joe Biden, and we believe in what he stands for.”

Make no mistake, Harris knows she cannot use the 25th against Biden because she risks becoming a villain and being more hated in the party than she already is.

So, she has to play patient knowing that if Joe Biden sees no path to victory and the party convinces him to step down, the best bet is for him to resign the presidency and allow Harris to run as the incumbent.

There is one problem that Harris will have to overcome for that to happen, and it is probably the real president… Jill Biden.

There is actually a second problem, that being that she is trailing Trump by more than Joe Biden in mock matchups for the presidential election.

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