Kamala FIRING Announced! Here We GO!

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is out for blood.

With another record-setting first quarter for immigration numbers, union officials want some heads.

The first one they want to see on a platter is Kamala Harris.

She Has to Go

Union officials are tired of nothing being done about the situation at the border.

If anything, it only gets worse with each passing day.

CBP union officials stated, “If you were given a job 2 years ago with the explicit goal of reducing illegal immigration, and then you sit around and do nothing while illegal immigration explodes to levels never seen before, you should be fired and replaced. Period.”

They, of course, were referring to Harris being named border czar and not doing anything other than dropping off taxpayer money to the countries that continue to send illegal immigrants our way.

They are not only going after Harris, however.

This tweet here says it all…

December was a record-setting month, illegal immigrants are committing crimes all over this country, and the cartel allegedly just carried out a hit in California, but the mainstream media still refuses to treat this as a crisis.

Source: Fox News

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