Judge Rules Dem Ballot Plot ILLEGAL


On January 13th in a quiet Waukesha courtroom, County Circuit Court Judge Michael Bohren dropped a bomb on Democrat’s electoral hopes in the 2022 race for Wisconsin. Judge Bohren, ruled in a slap to the face of the Dems-Socialists continuing efforts to swing American elections that ballot harvesting and insecure dropboxes have a serious problem: the state law allows absentee ballots to be returned by mail or in-person to a polling place only… not to be stuffed into a dropbox. Ooops. Maybe someone should’ve checked that first.

“It’s all good and nice, but there’s no authority to do it,” Bohren said

According to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the jurist said he would be finalizing an injunction in the next ten days ordering “the state Elections Commission to withdraw long-standing advice to municipal clerks around the state that says they can use absentee ballot drop boxes.”

Wisconsin Conservatives Waging a Successful Lawfare Campaign To Protect The Ballot Box

The ruling, should it survive inevitable appeals will go a long way to ensuring a secure and fair election in Wisconsin, a state that up until 2020 used ballot drop boxes, but only sparingly, until the COVID panic allowed opportunistic Democrats to unconstitutionally change election procedures in multiple states, hopelessly compromising the 2020 election. This latest lawsuit was filed by Richard Teigen and Richard Thom, represented by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty.

The ruling could have more far-reaching implications than merely ballot drop boxes though as Patrick Marley reported for the Journal Sentinel,

“Bohren’s ruling also prevents voters from having someone else return their absentee ballots for them. That means political groups can’t pick up ballots for voters — a practice that has not been widely used in Wisconsin.

His decision also will prevent voters from giving their ballots to their spouses and neighbors to return for them.

The decision could also prevent officials from holding events like “Democracy in the Park,” which Madison staged in 2020 to allow voters to return absentee ballots to poll workers who were stationed in parks. “

The Journal Sentinel’s reportage ended with an observation that “Many of the ballot drop boxes in Wisconsin are tamper-proof, under 24-hour camera surveillance and in fire stations, libraries or other government offices. Those drop boxes can no longer be used, but voters will still be able to drop ballots into less secure blue postal boxes that are on street corners around the state.” While this is a clear attempt to protect the ballot drop boxes, it also does two other things: first it kills credibility (the notion that a ballot box is “tamper-proof” given without citation is clearly biased, and highly inaccurate), and while they seek to disparage the ruling by noting that Wisconsinites can still use “less secure blue postal boxes” rather than weaken the Conservative position, they strengthen the notion that mail-in ballots which are even less secure, should also be banned.

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