Joe Manchin SHOCK Biden Announcement… White House LIVID


Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) has managed to paint himself into a corner.

He hitched himself to Joe’s wagon only to find out it is a lemon.

Manchin has since dropped in polls and he stands a really good chance of losing his seat in 2024.

So, to try to lure back in moderates, he is now voicing a bit of criticism against Biden for the hot-button topic of the classified documents found at Biden’s home.


When Manchin was asked about the handling of the documents, he stated, “To put those in unsecure spaces is irresponsible.

“I think he should have a lot of regrets.”

“I’m going hold someone accountable, but basically the buck stops with me.

“We’re all human and make mistakes. I can tell you, I don’t think anyone intended – he sure didn’t intend for it to fall in the wrong hands and use it against our country.

“I know he didn’t intend that to happen.

“Could it have happened? I don’t know.

“And, yeah, you just might as well say, ‘Listen, it’s responsible. It was something we should have had a better check and balance on.'”

I have said it before and I will say it again… these documents did not get into Biden’s home by accident.

The only real question is if anyone in this DOJ has the guts to charge him.

Source: Fox News

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