Bloody Photos Begin to Emerge from Joe Biden’s Shameful Disaster

Joe Biden thought his legislation “wins” would carry his party through to election day.

Well, that will not happen based on the latest run of polls.

Biden is starting to tank across the board, taking a big hit in the latest ABC/Washington Post poll, a poll that is typically very friendly for Democrats.

Going Down

Joe Biden was finally seeing some momentum in polling over the last month.

He has risen above 40 percent in most national polls and in some, he was tickling the mid-40s

That has all changed rather dramatically over the last week.

For instance, in the ABC/Washington Post poll, Biden has dipped back down to 39 percent.

He is only polling 36 percent on the economy.

Shockingly, the reversal of Roe v. Wade is not hurting Republicans like Democrats had hoped.

A whopping 76 percent of those that supported the reversal are committed to voting while only 70 percent who opposed the ruling have done the same.

I will go out on a limb here and say that the economy is back at the top of the priority list for most Americans, especially since groceries continue to go through the roof.

The news of possibly rising oil costs this winter is also starting a bit of a panic.

The final factor could be that the media is finally getting sick and tired of the runaround from this administration and more outlets are starting to report the truth.

For one, the deception regarding the Hunter Biden laptop is not sitting well with moderates and independents.

This has combined to halt the momentum Biden had been enjoying and send his approval ratings right back into the tank.

Source: Daily Caller

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