Ivanka Trump SHOCK Announcement, She Is…

Ivanka Trump
“Ivanka Trump” by mil8 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Ivanka Trump was a very controversial member of Donald Trump’s administration.

She had a more liberal lean, and it was not always received well by conservatives.

Since leaving office, Ivanka Trump has been extremely quiet, but she has finally spoken up about her plans for the campaign season.

Still Supportive

Donald Trump has always had Ivanka by his side as an active supporter and adviser.

Once Trump left office, however, she decided that she wanted nothing to do with politics ever again.

She had more or less pulled out of public view and started to pull back, spending more time with family.

When she had been asked if she would be working with her father if he won a second term, she stated that she was not going to get involved in politics again.

She had also stated that she had not planned on campaigning for her father again.

While she will not be an elector for Trump, nor will Barron, she will attend the convention to support her father.

During a recent interview, she also stated, “On a human level, it’s my father and I love him very much, so it’s painful to experience, but ultimately, I wish it didn’t have to be this way.”

Donald Trump has been taking heat about the women in his life not supporting him during this campaign or during his trial.

To this point, Melania Trump has only showed up at three events, and she was hosting two of them.

She has yet to show up at a Trump trial, but it is tough to blame her when you consider what the nature of the trial was.

There is now way Melania wanted to live through the accusations against Trump for having affairs while she was pregnant or in the immediate aftermath of having Barron.

I guess the true measuring stick will be if she shows up at the convention to support him.

If not, you better believe the media is going to pounce on this narrative.

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