Israeli PM BOMBSHELL Announcement… Liberals FREAK OUT


Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu appeared on Fox News recently with Bret Baier.

Netanyahu wanted to clear a few things up.

Two issues he directly addressed were the requested cease-fire and the comments made by Rep. Tlaib (D-MI).

Clear the Air

Netanyahu made it very clear that there will be no cease-fire until all hostages have been released.

He stated, “One thing we haven’t agreed to is a cease-fire.

“A cease-fire with Hamas means surrender to Hamas, surrender to terror and the victory of the Iran’s axis of terror, so there won’t be a cease-fire without the release of Israeli hostages.”

In addressing Tlaib’s despicable comments about Israel and doubling down on “from the river to the sea” comments, Netanyahu pulled no punches.

He stated, “What this congresswoman is calling for is Palestine and genocide, the elimination of the Jewish state, the one and only Jewish state of the Jewish people.

“That’s absurd, and I salute the Congress for censoring [sic] her.”

Tlaib was censured by Congress last week, with 22 Democrats crossing the aisle to reprimand her over the comments.

Source: Fox News

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