International Auditing Expert SHOCKED at Nevada Sec. of State’s Flimsy Investigation of Obvious Election Fraud


The Nevada Secretary of State, Republican Barbara Cegavske has drawn the stern rebuke from her own party and shocked an international auditing expert by claiming after a flimsy investigation that there is no evidentiary support that there was widespread voter fraud in her state.

Earlier this month Secretary Cegavske was censured by the Nevada GOP for “disregard of her oath of office by failing to investigate election fraud, her dismissive public statements regarding election integrity concerns, and her failure to ensure compliance with Nevada and federal election law, these actions being at least partially causal in November 2020 election irregularities and fraud.”

The Flimsy Investigation

According to reports, Cegavske’s team was given data on over 122,000 suspected instances of voter fraud, of those approximately 40,000 were suspected duplicate votes which she rather flippantly responded to “…there are a number of alleged “double voters” who merely live on the same street as someone else born in the same year. As such, these additional 18,314 allegations did not warrant further investigation.”.

Furthermore, the Secretary determined that some 15,000 requests to verify Nevada residency were “unreasonable” because “there are reasons why Nevadaregistered voter maypermanently or temporarily live out of stateincluding to attend college or to satisfy military orders.” as a result these 15,000 were simply not checked. Even more egregiously,  as Steven Crowder’s team at Louder with Crowder exposed: some 8,842 “individuals were identified with commercial addresses” her team checked into 369 of them and then dropped the rest, some 8,473.

In a letter to the Nevada GOP Cegavske wrote,

“While the NVGOP raises policy concerns about the integrity of mail-in voting, automatic voterregistration, and same-day voter registration, these concerns do not amount to evidentiary support forthe contention that the 2020 general election was plagued by widespread voter fraud. “

Joe Hoft of Gateway Pundit wrote,

“Cegavske claims that her office performed ‘more than 125’ hours of work to go through over 122,000 instances of suspected voter fraud presented to her office.  [Speaking from experience and having done hundreds of audits around the world] 125 hours is a very short amount of time dedicated to an audit.  Most of the audits performed in the private sector average around 400 hours, so her work was very cursory in nature and she proves it in her written response.”

The Numbers Speak Volumes

Of the 122,000 instances of suspected voter fraud, 41,787 were deliberately skipped by the Nevada Secretary of State’s “Audit” which took less than a third of the time of a private industry standard audit which is considerably less detailed than would be required for a matter of such crucial importance as the election of the President of the United States.

For the record: Biden was awarded the state on a difference of 34,000 votes. We have no accounting of how many instances of voter fraud Cegavske’s office actually investigated out of the 122,000, but we know for certain that they conciously decided to skip 41,787 of them. The only rational course of action was an investigation of all 122,000 instances, justice demanded no less. As such, Cegavske and her office failed. Every state where discrepancies occurred must check thoroughly and investigate every instance and hand count every vote. Period.

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