Hillary Clinton DISTURBING Confession

Democrats will stop at nothing to push their agenda, and that would now include poisoning TV and movie content for children.

Hillary Clinton recently did an interview where she revealed how Dems are targeting children with their agenda.

Hillary wants to use Hollywood to turn today’s youth into tomorrow’s liberals.

Just a Nasty Person

Hillary, in case you did not know, is part of a production company in Hollywood called HiddenLights.

An appropriate name when for what she is trying to pull off here.

Hillary’s company already has several work projects in the works, but she wants all of Hollywood to bend the knee and target children with programming.

She stated, “There’s now research on this topic, but most people are not aware at all.

“Our hope is that we can help people make the connections between children’s mental and physical health and the impact of climate change.”

She later added, “Little kids aren’t just small adults, they have a much more vulnerable reaction to extreme heat or pollution from wildfires, whatever it might be.”

You would think Dems would have learned their lesson after all these other woke projects from Disney and other companies crashed and burned.

What they are going to wind up doing is pushing conservative parents to keep their TVs off and stop going to the movies.

Woke has killed plenty of industries already, and it sure would be a shame to see it kill Hollywood too, but that seems to be the path where we are headed.

I just don’t understand this need by Democrats to try to decide how children are going to turn out rather than leaving that up to their parents.

Think about the issues they are pushing on kids these days… climate change, transgenderism, drag queens, etc.

Here is a really crazy idea… how about we let kids be kids and figure all that nonsense out when they are adults. No wonder this generation cries when you look at them cross-eyed and is constantly running for safe spaces.

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