I just read through a report on the testimony from former U.S. Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund.

The fact this is not blowing up all over the place is astonishing to me.

What is even sadder is that the outlets that are covering this are twisting his words or focusing on other aspects of his testimony


As many of us have said all along, January 6 could have been prevented.

This is what Nancy wanted though, and Sund just about proved it.

He stated, “I said, ‘Mr. Stenger, you came up with that response fairly quickly for me to call General Walker.’

“And he told me Paul Irving had called him ahead of time and said: ‘Sund came here looking for the National, asking for the National Guard.

“‘We got to come up with another plan. Pelosi will never go for it.’

“I was floored by him saying that.”

That is part one. Part two is just as disturbing.

Sund continued, “Significant intelligence existed that individuals were plotting to storm the Capitol building, target lawmakers, and discussing shooting my officers.

“And yet, no intel agencies or units sounded the alarm. We were blindsided.

“Intelligence failed operations. The January 6 attack at the Capitol was preventable.”

Now, add that up with the elements within the FBI that were trying to set Trump up, and we have a real situation here.

There is simply no way you can convince me that Pelosi and the higher-ups in intelligence were not hoping January 6 would get out of hand and a riot would break out.

Well, they got what they wanted, and now Trump is on trial for his life because of it.

Source: Colorado Newsline

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