Gov’t Halts Biden’s ILLEGAL Vaccine Mandate


Joe Biden and his labor ministry officials had to break the bad news to their New World Order handlers that there’s been a serious setback. OSHA was forced to suspend enforcement of mandatory vaccine injections after the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered them to “stop right there.”

Vaccine mandate on ice

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration had to put their plans of coercing Americans into vaccine shots against their will on ice.

OSHA was forced to suspend “enforcement” of Imperial Leader Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.’s palace decree by a court ordered “stay” of the mandate but that doesn’t mean they’ll stop fighting, they plead.

It’s only a temporary setback, palace officials assure the Rothschild family. The Biden regime has to “temporarily stop enforcement” pending “future developments in the litigation.”

Still, they have a whole team of lawyers working on a way to get the forced vaccine program moving again. They’re rumored to be kicking around the idea of having someone “Clintoned.”

The Fifth Circuit told Biden and his minions on paper to freeze in their tracks and not make any sudden moves.

“The court ordered that OSHA ‘take no steps to implement or enforce’ the [COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard] ‘until further court order,'” Liberal outlets report. OSHA “remains confident” the plot for full vaccine compliance can be salvaged.

Sued by 11 states

The dispute took a twisted and crooked path through the justice system before it ended up with the Fifth Circuit. The anti-vaccine ruling was a huge blow to the palace, considering that the Fifth is considered notoriously liberal to start with.

Before the question got to them, “more than two dozen private companies and 11 states” had to sue OSHA and the Labor Department.

The states should be the decision makers in vaccine mandate matters, not Uncle Sam.

According to the underlying lawsuit, for over 100 years, SCOTUS “has recognized that policies on compulsory vaccination lie within the police powers of the States, and that ‘[t]hey are matters that do not ordinarily concern the national government.” Jacobson v. Massachusetts says so, so there!

Everybody outside the beltway is convinced that Biden’s vaccine mandate “would decimate their businesses.” If we still had a working Constitution, the American public could rely on some “checks and balances” but we’re living in a Brave New World of Democrat deception.

If Biden gets his way and starts firing people for non-compliance there will be a whole lot less police, fire-fighters, paramedics, nursing staff, and border patrol agents on the job too. Merry Christmas! There will be a whole bunch of AR-15’s under the tree this year and neighbors are leaning over the fence to discuss the upcoming neighborhood harvest feast and local vigilance committee party. Let’s Go Brandon!

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