‘Government Overreach Is Coming to an End:’ Massive Truck Convoy Heading to Washington


America is next.” Democrat “government overreach is coming to an end, and this is how we do it,” declares Convoy to DC 2022 administrator Brian Von D. He promises that American truckers will “join forces” in a deplorably patriotic procession, all set to roll coast-to-coast from California to Washington.

Freedom Convoy across America

All those patriotic truckers who backed the #T2SDA movement, which tried to circle the beltway three lanes deep in the Obama years, are coming back together.

This time it’s partly to lend support for Canada’s Freedom Convoy, while expressing the exact same issues and grievances here in the United States. The one which rolled into Ottawa was reportedly 50,000 strong. Canadian truckers peacefully protesting “vaccine mandates and government overreach” chased Prime Minister Justin Trudeau into hiding, just by showing up.

According to Von D, American truckers, also protesting against vaccine mandates and government overreach “have been joining a record-breaking Canadian convoy of tens of thousands of vehicles headed to Ottawa” but that’s not good enough.

An American procession of big-rigs will soon “join forces” to descend on Washington, D.C., next. The support north of the border has already been impressive.

As the Canadians “moved from the west to the east, [the American truckers] have been filtering into this convoy, and it is absolutely massive. It is known worldwide, it is the largest thus far.”

It’s not clear how many Americans are already participating in Canada, as claimed the wide range of figures mis-reported by the media, running from 5,000 to 100,000. “Somebody made those numbers up. There’s no way for us to put a number on exactly how many United States trucks have gone over there.”

U.S. version

All that matters now is the upcoming U.S. convoy. It “will start in California and it will end in DC and we’re gonna stay there, just like Canada is doing.” They plan to clog the “main artery” noting “everybody will join in as they go down the interstate to DC.”

Once again, just like in 2013, the plan will be “circle the beltway three lanes deep.” After the success of the Canadian efforts, Americans are confidant the same level of support will be found here at home.

Firm dates and planned routes will be “released soon on a website and various social media platforms, and a GoFundMe page would only be released on their CONVOY TO DC 2022 Facebook page.”


Brian declares American truckers are “done with the mandates, were done with the government telling us what to do, we will continue and we will follow just like the rest of the world on these trucker protests, and they will be 100 percent legal, they will abide by the law.”

One thing he’s really glad to see is something Joe Biden can only fantasize about, unity. “It’s been a unity that I’ve never seen before, not anywhere in the north. Canada has definitely shown that—the most peaceful protest” he has seen to date.

Now, it’s time for deplorables to have their day. “America, it’s your turn, it’s your turn to step up and show what you’re made of. We don’t care what side you’re on, we don’t care where you’re from, if you live in America, in Canada, or anywhere you may come from, we’re doing it for you.”

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