GOP Drops Election Bombshell on Dems, Game Changer

Voting Voter Fraud
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When Trump’s team took over the Republican National Committee (RNC), they stated that they had two major goals.

To get Trump back in the White House and protect the integrity of our election.

They are trying awfully hard to deliver on both, having just smacked Michigan with a lawsuit to block the bogus election laws put in place during the pandemic.

Delivering Big

You guys all remember the mess that took place during the pandemic.

Democrats started pushing through new election laws, often circumventing state legislatures.

Many of these laws were challenged at the time, but the challenges were often struck down citing the pandemic as an emergency.

As I am sure you have figured out, most of these changes were in blue states and battleground states that lean blue, which is what the RNC is now pushing back on.

When Michigan Republicans first filed suit, they were told that they did not have standing, which is just bizarre.

If lawmakers do not have standing to fight bogus legislation, then who does?

Rep. Steve Carra (R-MI) is among those in this suit, stating, “If I, as a legislator, don’t have standing to say election laws are being passed without legislature approval, then who does?

“The Elections Clause of the U.S. Constitution protects legislative authority to determine the times, places, and manner of elections.”

State Senator Jonathan Lindsey added, “I disagree with the judge’s decision to deny my right as a legislator to protect the role granted to me by the U.S. Constitution.

“When a federal judge misuses their power by denying a valid case to be heard, it damages our entire body politic.

“I am pleased we are appealing this decision.”

I can guarantee you the RNC will be watching this case closely and if these legislators are not able to get this case into a courtroom, expect a massive assault by the RNC to make it happen.

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