Georgia Election FRAUD – Fani Willis PANICKING

Voting Voter Fraud
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A rather interesting case has popped up in Fulton County, GA, that I would imagine Trump’s defense team is very interested in checking out.

A member of the Fulton County Election Board is suing because she claims she has been blocked from obtaining the materials needed to do her job.

She has allegedly been told to simply “trust” the results.

Suing for Job Duties

Julie Adams is a Republican member of the board, and apparently she is being locked out of her duties by Director Nadine Williams.

The lawsuit stated, “Over the years, the Board has purportedly delegated core BRE responsibilities to an appointed Election Director.

“Plaintiff swore an oath to ‘prevent fraud, deceit, and abuse’ in Fulton County elections and to ‘make a true and perfect return.’

“These obligations are frustrated by the repeated and continuing refusal to allow Plaintiff access to, and direct knowledge of, the information Plaintiff reasonably believes she needs to execute her duties faithfully and thoroughly.”

Adams continued to request the documents, but she was then told that the board has a “vigorous validation process” and should be “trusted.”

Also, in the suit, Adams requests that her job duties be defined as “discretionary, not ministerial, in nature.”

I imagine Trump’s defense team will be interested in this because the same situation may have arisen during the 2020 election as in the most recent election.

If board members are being prevented from doing their jobs, who exactly is certifying the votes?

Due to being denied access, Adams refused to certify the most recent election, but there were enough members of the board who voted in favor of certification that the election results were certified and posted.

But again, who was it that actually certified these votes if members were being denied access to the materials?

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