From Elites to Patriots: GOP Shifts Gears

From Elites to Patriots: GOP Shifts Gears

The Republican Party has been maligned by the left as the party of the wealthy elites, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s obvious to anyone who pays attention that the left, who claims to be the party of the ‘little guy,’ is actually the party of the elite class.

The Real Party Switch

Patriot Post reports:

“Over the last decade, Democrats have made a conscious decision to abandon the white, working class vote, choosing instead to assemble a coalition of black, Hispanic, LGBT, and liberal white, college-educated voters.

Today, the Democrat Party is full-blown radical, openly embracing socialism (or is it fascism?), nationalized healthcare, higher taxes, globalism, the economically destructive Green New Deal, and the small business-crushing $15/hour minimum wage.”

The facts are in:

  • Five out of the six richest counties in the United States are located in the Virginia and Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., which house most of the bureaucrats of the federal government. These counties vote overwhelmingly for the Democrat Party.
  • Recent data from the Census Bureau shows that 26 out of the 27 wealthiest congressional districts in the United States elect Democrats as their representatives.
  • Large corporations and Silicon Valley social media companies overwhelmingly support Democrats, often using their platforms to push the left-wing narrative.

Democrats are losing the support of the working class as they continue to push tax hikes, unconstitutional gun laws, and authoritarian COVID lockdowns. But, they are also losing support from minorities, especially because of their obvious animosity towards religion. A recent Pew survey shows that the number of black Americans (75%) and Hispanic Americans (59%) who say that religion is “very important” in their lives is significantly higher than white Americans (49%).

Patriot Post writes: “One can’t help but wonder how black and Hispanic voters, who say religion is very important in their lives, react to Democrat leaders who now call them intolerant, homophobic, judgmental bigots. One can’t help but wonder what they think as they watch the Democrat Party they overwhelmingly supported for decades openly declare war on the traditional family and religion. Actually, we know. Despite President Donald Trump being ceaselessly portrayed by Democrats as racist, bigoted, and anti-LGBT, he actually expanded his percentage of black, Hispanic, and even LGBT voters.”

Due to the growing intolerance within the Democrat Party, they have been losing support among key demographics, and gaining support from white, college educated, wealthy elites.

The Bottom Line

The Republican Party is beginning to appeal to all Americans who love their country and value freedom, while the Democrat Party has become so ideologically rigid that anyone who disagrees even slightly is cast out from the party. The wealthy elites support the Democrats, and push their radical agenda at every chance, while the working class has begun to support the Republicans in greater numbers. The GOP is the party of patriotic Americans who just want to be left alone, and the Democrats are the party of authoritarian elites.

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