Fox News Exposed Them for the Frauds They Are

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If there is anything that we have learned about AOC’s Squad over the last two elections, it is that they are in this for themselves.

And I don’t mean the Democrat Party… just the Squad members.

This is about self-promotion and promoting their radical causes.

They seem to be more worried about becoming social media stars than helping their party or country.

They Are What They Are

The group’s ringleader, as we all know, is Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

As proof of her radicalness, look no further than a recent interview where she blamed the police for rising crime in the subway system of New York.

By her logic, adding more police increased crime.

That claim sent Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld right over the edge.

Gutfeld stated, “We should call them what they are … stupid radicals — stupid punitive radicals who have absolutely no solutions other than punishing people — they’re like mini-tyrants.”

It did not take long for Jesse Watters to pile on, stating, “Let’s call them ‘The Tyrants.’”

Watters added that he was baffled by her most recent comments we mentioned above.

He stated, “I don’t know whether [Ocasio-Cortez] thinks that the cops cause crime or that they don’t reduce crime.

“I can’t figure that out.”

It is all about generating headlines and raising her online presence, Jesse, so don’t knock your head against the wall trying to figure her out.

Source: Fox News

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