Foot Injuries, Dog Attacks, and Crackheads… This Administration is a Bad Circus Act

Foot Injuries, Dog Attacks, and Crack Heads... This Administration is a Bad Circus Act

The Biden administration is starting to resemble a bad circus act, with dog attacks, a crackhead son, and now random foot injuries.

First, Joe Biden injured his foot playing with his dog, now his wife has a similar injury.

Joe Biden showed off his injured foot in December of 2020, watch:

After suffering an injury to her foot at a beach in Hawaii, Jill Biden underwent a “successful” medical procedure at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

While the American people are being encouraged to stay home for fear of spreading the new COVID Delta variant, Jill Biden was allowed to attend the Tokyo Olympics, despite the fact that Japan had implemented a strict lockdown preventing most people from attending.

On her way home from the event, Jill decided to stop in Hawaii. As a member of the elite, she is obviously allowed to enjoy a quick vacation during a pandemic. Unfortunately for her, that vacation was ended abruptly when she stepped on an unidentified object while walking on the beach in Hawaii, according to a statement from her press secretary Michael LaRosa.

Jill Biden Hawaii
Jill Biden visits Hawaii in a floral dress and leis.

The statement from LaRosa indicated that the unknown object became “lodged” in Jill’s left foot, and she ended up needing to undergo “a procedure” at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center “to remove the object.”

“[Jill Biden] underwent a successful procedure on her left foot to flush out debris from a puncture wound. After inspection of the wound by medical staff, it is unclear what object caused the puncture,” LaRosa’s statement read. “The wound is now clean, free of infection and it is anticipated that it will heal nicely. She and the President will depart Walter Reed en route to the White House shortly.”

No further updates regarding Jill Biden’s condition have been provided at this time.
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