FBI Had More Than Enough Evidence to Incriminate…


It turns out that the FBI had more than enough evidence to incriminate Joe Biden even without all the emails and other documents on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Jesse Watters at Fox News exposed all the dirty details.

FBI either blind or not looking

In the informed opinion of Fox Host Jesse Watters, the FBI had more than enough evidence to investigate the Biden family for influence peddling and corruption. The family seems to be a serious national security risk and Democrats are tripping over themselves to cover it all up.

The really disturbing part about it is that they have been getting away with it cold, so far. The Just Us Department doesn’t seem to be real worried about all the congressional oversight probes pending, either.

The Bidens are all over FBI wiretaps talking to China.” That’s because the bureau was “investigating Patrick Ho, a Chinese bagman who eventually got caught for bribing African leaders and helping Iran evade sanctions.

Ho also happens to be Vice President at a Chinese energy company. One that “was getting the Bidens rich.

On top of that, the FBI was fully aware that “Ho was also a spy and Hunter knew he was a spy.” They have Hunter “on tape calling Ho ‘the effing spy chief of China.‘” Christopher Wray doesn’t seem to think that’s a big deal but Watters does.

Ho handed Hunter and Jimmy the Chin millions in dirty Chinese money.” They called it “consulting fees,” to make it seem harmless. The reality is that “Hunter and the Chin were bribed with Chinese consulting fees.

Knew Ho was an agent

The FBI “knew Ho was an intelligence agent and they were listening to his phone calls.” They knew because they “finally picked him up at JFK, slapped the cuffs on him and booked him right here in Manhattan.” Everyone gets to make a phone call, right?

Of all people, Ho calls the Chin and the Chin calls Hunter and Hunter picks up the phone and Ho asks him to be his lawyer. How much? says Hunter. A million bucks, says Ho. Deal, says Hunter.” Everyone has their price. Hunter’s is low and easy terms can be arranged.

Hunter Biden really is a lawyer, which is a scary thought in itself. He ended up “representing Ho, the ‘effing spy chief of China,‘ and the FBI knew it.” It was a really cozy relationship.

Ho even had joint bank accounts with China and the Bidens.” The bureau knows all about those, too. James Comer wonders how much of that is lurking in that pile of “suspicious activity reports” that the Treasury Department refuses to hand over.

Then, there’s Tony Bobulinski. Hunter Biden’s disgruntled business partner walked into the bureau one day and spilled his guts about everything he knew. He confirmed Joe Biden is the one they called “the Big Guy,” who got a cut of the profits in emails.

Disgraced agent Timothy Thibault was his handler and covered up everything Bobulinski had to say. The FBI ended up raiding Ho’s office. They “got his phones, got his computers, documents.” By then, they had so much evidence coming out of their ears, “they didn’t even need Hunter’s laptop.

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