DOJ Declares All Out War


The DOJ appears to be gearing up for total war on Second Amendment rights. Under the administration’s proposed budget, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will get a huge $700 million funding boost. The ATF already blazes through over a billion bucks a year. they’re hoping to pull “$1.9 billion for fiscal year 2024” That would be “a 13.6% increase from the fiscal year 2023 budget.” All that fresh money is controversially directed toward chipping away the rights of gun owners.

All out war on guns

Democrats declared war on guns a long time ago and they aren’t afraid to spend lots of money to win it.

Nobody mentions that there seems to be a huge cultural divide between those who own guns for defensive purposes, like family protection, and those who carry for “offensive” purposes – ranging from armed robbery to capping someone for taking the wrong parking space.

Mentioning that gap gets one labeled a “racist,” for some strange reason. Instead of addressing the root causes of gun violence, the ATF prefers to go after the guns.

They can’t take away all the guns, yet, but they will take away the ones they can, along with any controversial “accessories” they can list. In their war on guns, they have already trampled American’s constitutional rights.

The agency has introduced pistol stabilizer rules, ghost gun rules and a ‘zero tolerance‘ policy for gun dealers.” All those things happened since Imperial Leader Joe Biden usurped office. The Just Us Department seems to be in charge of the effort to stomp out gun ownership.

According to Aidan Johnston, director of federal affairs for Second Amendment advocacy group Gun Owners of America, “through the Department of Justice, and in particular with the ATF, this administration has declared all-out war on the Second Amendment.” The progressives have been chalking up a lot of progress.

Arbitrary change of definitions

The DOJ and ATF have a whole arsenal of tactics to use in their war against legal gun ownership. “Whether it’s their demands for significant increases in funding for enforcement, by arbitrarily changing statutory definitions via executive fiat, or by implementing a zero tolerance policy to shutdown firearms dealers and expand an illegal gun registry,” Joe Biden and “his anti-gun cabal are doing everything they can to harass, discourage, and chip away at gun owners and the community as a whole.

Meanwhile, nobody has proposed a ban on assault hammers. One of the dangerous “claw” models was used to attack Paul Pelosi. Peaceful Antifa protesters tend to go with the more advanced “ball peen,” for it’s extra effectiveness in shattering the glass of store windows or police cruisers.

Starting in 2024, the ATF will have all the money they need to “further regulate the firearms industry, create gun trafficking strike forces and enforce background checks.

They’ll also throw another $51 million into the FBI’s war chest to “support the continued implementation of enhanced background checks required by the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.” Johnston insists that we should be defunding the ATF instead of enabling unconstitutional overreach.

Instead of increasing its funding and power to ‘nearly $2 billion,‘ Congress should cut ATF funding to pre-Biden Administration levels or lower,” Johnston advises.

Additionally, ATF should be made to exclusively focus on alcohol, tobacco, and explosives crimes and only be allowed to enforce firearms-related laws against violent criminals.” That would mean declaring war on those who commit those violent crimes. Maybe even put them in prison. Oh, right. That would be racist, so it will never happen.

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