Detroit Homeowner fatally Shoots His Attacker: ‘It was me or him’


A legal and experienced firearm owner fatally shot a home invader outside his Detroit house on June 7th. Maiso Jackson awakened around 4:30 a.m. after he heard a man outside banging on his front door, he stated.

The man was “talking about how someone owed him money, I said, ‘No one here owes you money,'” Jackson told FOX 2 journalists.”‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.'”

Jackson attempted to talk with the man and reason with him to no avail, he said.

“He wouldn’t leave, so I dialed 911,” Jackson said.

As Jackson awaited authorities, the man tried to break in.

“Then, he went around the window here and busted that window out,” Jackson said.

Jackson had actually resided in the house for 20 years and was ready to protect it.

A legal weapon owner of 8 years, Jackson stated he had taken lessons on how to utilize the weapon and handle it.

“I came outside and said, ‘You have to leave, you can’t be doing this,'” he said. “So, then he reached for his gun and pulled it out. I had to defend myself, I had to shoot him because of that.”

Jackson fired four shots into the man’s chest, killing him, police said.

“I had to do what I had to do, to save my life,” he said.

“It was me or him at that point,” he said. “I didn’t want to hurt nobody, but he just wouldn’t quit.”

Jackson cooperated with the police upon their arrival. When police officers came to him, Jackson told Fox2 that he followed their orders, and was detained in handcuffs for questioning. Knowing he was a legal gun owner, he said he was well aware that police had an investigation to conduct.

“I was just in shock, he wouldn’t leave. He tried to kill me, and I didn’t do nothing to the guy,” Jackson said, recalling the situation. “That’s the part that’s kind of sad.”

“You have to be on guard, you have to be prepared,” he continued. “You can’t just let people run you over, hurt you, and don’t do nothing about it. You have to defend yourself.”

Jackson was released after police questioning without any charges, Detroit police said.

H/T The Washington Examiner

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