DeSantis Suffers Multi-Car ACCIDENT

On Tuesday morning, Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida and a 2024 presidential hopeful experienced an unexpected event on his way to campaign.

The motorcade he was traveling in was involved in a multi-car accident on Interstate 75 in Chattanooga Tennessee.

Thankfully no one from the governor’s party was severely injured though one female staff member suffered a minor injury and was later treated at the campaign event.

The Republican candidate has been traveling to various states such as Tennessee for campaigning purposes prior to next year’s March 5th primary date.

In addition to this recent accident, he has faced some financial pressures due to aggressive spending while attempting to break through with voters against front-runner Donald Trump who is dominating the GOP primary race.

Despite all these obstacles, it appears that DeSantis is still better positioned than any other challenger according to Republican strategist Terry Sullivan who managed Marco Rubio’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Despite setbacks like this most recent car accident or financial pressures DeSantis’ team have experienced during campaign season, they have raised an impressive $150 million for his presidential ambitions thus far.

An astonishing $130 million of that money came from a super PAC run by allies who can not legally coordinate with the official campaign.

Even more incredibly is that within the first six weeks of entering into the race alone they raised over $20 million dollars.

This includes paying more than 100 paid staffers, having a large security detail and luxury travel expenses which makes up for their more expensive burn rate compared to other candidates running alongside them.

Despite its flaws or missteps taken along the way Ron DeSantis’ presidential bid is still doing well financially as well as garnering support from various strategists across parties making him one of Donald Trump’s greatest competitors.

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