DeSantis Has CRUSHING News for Democrats…

The latest AARP poll is out and it is filled with bad news for Democrats.

Ron DeSantis continues to lead Charlie Crist in the gubernatorial race.

The real kicker is that Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is back on top of Val Demings, who had taken a considerable lead in the last round of polling.

No Blue Wave

Democrats desperately want to turn Florida blue, but it does not appear as though it will happen this time around.

The moment Crist got the nod, he attached himself to Joe Biden’s hip.

That did not work out well for him and he is now trailing DeSantis 50-47 percent.

Rubio, who only recently fell behind Demings, also leads 48-46 percent.

Demings was feeling good after the previous round of polling, but Rubio has made a stand, especially regarding Demings’ radical abortion stance.

Rubio claims that Demings supports abortion through delivery, a claim she refuses to challenge.

Rubio explained, “The reason why she can’t is, you can’t have 100% from Planned Parenthood and 100% from NARAL and not believe in abortion on demand, taxpayer-funded, at any point in a pregnancy. At any point.”

Whatever you are doing, Marco, it is working, so keep it up because we need that seat!

Source: Fox News

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